Movie Review : The Lego Movie – 3D playfulness for kids

Don’t know about you gentle reader but growing up, I veered away from building blocks (maybe it’s a guy thing?). Scrabble, carrom, ludo, and hopscotch were more my scene. This film celebrates

LEGO toys which seem timeless: a LEGO brick made way back in 1958 will still work perfectly with LEGO bricks made in 2009.

Movie Review : The Lego Movie – 3D playfulness for kids

Did I say celebrate? Let me elaborate:  The Lego Movie  is a feature-length ad for  the small, plastic, interlocking bricks first sold in 1958 in a small shop in Denmark by the Christiansen family of master carpenters. Professor Google says the name of LEGO takes its provenance in the Danish words “LEg GOdt,” meaning “play well.”

It must be said too that the painstakingly detailed rendition of the Lego universe (including water, fire and blasts) is commendable; but alas, the movie is not as memorable as such toons as Up, Shrek, Toy Story, the Lion King and the Jungle Book.

That goes too for our little hero Emmet (voiced by Chris Pratt), a lowly construction worker who is programmed to go by the book, and is completely clueless about what to do when he is on unfamiliar terrain.

Then, a visionary named Vitruvius (Morgan Freeman) anoints Emmet as the  MasterBuilder or The Chosen One who will save his fellow Legomen from the greedy and grasping  Lord Business (Will Ferrell in live action) and  his sidekick Bad Cop (Liam Neeson).

This business honcho is the personification of evil. Not only does he own everything there is to own, he also wants mind control like Big Brother in 1984. But the mantle of Saviour sits all askew on the clueless Emmet, so to the rescue comes who else but lovely Girl Friday named Lucy (Elizabeth Banks) who also calls upon the mysterious Batman (Will Arnett) and guides him, Emmet that is, through the Old West, Middle Zealand and Cloud Cuckoo Land. Poor Emmet doesn’t even have a plan until someone called “the Man Upstairs” who tells him there is purpose and meaning to his life.

Ronita Torcato

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