Movie Review: Mumbai 125 km – Shabbily crafted, poorly enacted

Film: Mumbai 125 km

Cast: Vije Bhatia, Karamvir Bohra, Joe Debroy, Aparna Bajpai, Vedita Pratap Singh

Director: Hemant Madhukar

Director-producer Hemant Madhukar’s debut 3D horror film boasts of a budget bigger than any other desi horror film has seen before. But there’s not much purchase to show for it. Supported financially by a travel portal, this film takes the road to horror quite diabolically – unfortunately the crudeness involved in the telling makes it pitifully unrequiting!

A road movie of sorts, everything happens in one night, between the 125 km stretch of the Pune-Mumbai highway which a group of youngsters (all friends) are traversing on their way to an exclusive  new year’s night party in Mumbai. The Five friends – Prem, Vivek, Aashika, Diya and Jaks have actually won free entries to the event and are pretty much looking forward to a fantastic time. But the road they travel is littered with demons and deceit. And since they make the trip at night, it’s bound to be dark and pretentiously scary en route.

Weird encounters on the highway try to add bite to the piteously engineered contretemps and the follow-up of gruesome murders that eliminate one by one among the five friends make the entire spiel predictable and unsurprising.

Veena Malik has a bikini scene which could be the sole selling point of the film. Otherwise there’s very little to be had in this tacky attempt to feature a ghost out to wreak revenge on the people who killed her and her family by means of a rash road encounter.  Shabbily crafted, poorly enacted, with little attempt to create credible chills or scares, this one plays it by rote, largely. And the experience is not pretty – in spite of the high production cost claimed!

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