Film: Annabelle 

Cast: Annabelle Wallis, Ward Horton, Alfre Woodard,Tony Amendola, Eric Ladin

Director: John R. Leonetti

Movie Review: Annabelle – Creepy & scary

Ed and Loraine Warren’s book ‘The Demonologist, about a demon manifested in a doll, the new movie acquaints viewers with the history of the demonic doll which remains locked up and is visited twice a month by a priest who blesses it.

We see that Dr John (Horton) Form brings home a saucer eyed vintage doll for his pregnant wife, Mia (Wallis). But comes the night, they are attacked by members of a satanic cult, who have conjured a malevolent entity (Satan).

Fear, Anxiety and Worry drives the Southern California couple to a new home (in Pasadena) with their adorable baby but it isn’t long before the doll reappears and is up to its old tricks. Mercifully (unlike other movies, too many to name), Dr Form seeks the offices of a priest (Tony Amendola) who doesn’t brandish a crucifix but stresses the need for prayer.

Even so, the script by Gary Dauberman is theologically flawed, as ultimately a good woman Evelyn (Alfre Woodard), the owner of a bookstore specialising in the occult sacrifices herself (aka suicide) to save the couple and their baby. Faust may have sold his soul to the devil but one doesn’t need to offer it to the devil to save others. All one has to do is to pray, pray without ceasing, to Christ.

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