Nihar Pandya, who was rumoured to be Deepika Padukone’s ex-lover is making his Bollywood debut with Kangana Ranaut’s film Manikarnika. However, people still remember him as Deepika’s ex. In a recent interview, the actor spoke about ex-girlfriend Deepika and marriage plans.

When an entertainment website asked Nihar about this very reference and how does he deal with this constant reminder that he was once in a relationship with Deepika, he said, “She (Deepika) is happily married and there is no bitterness in my heart. In time all that one remembers are the good things. I wish her all the best in her married life. And I am sure she wishes the same for me. I only wish the headlines announcing my wedding wouldn’t refer to me as ‘Deepika Padukone’s Ex’. I’d like to think I have an identity of my own.”

Also, in another Mumbai Mirror report, Nihar added that although he wishes that people stop referring to him as Deepika’s ex but he also feels there’s nothing much that he can do about it. “I don’t get worked up over it. Yes, even the press note about my acting debut that was sent out referred to me as ‘ex-boyfriend’ but there is not much I can do about it right now”, said Nihar.

The actor himself is getting married to Neeti on February 15, the pre-wedding festivities will start around Valentine ’s Day. As per reports, Nihar and Neeti wanted to keep their marriage news a secret affair but failed to do so.