Film: Khota Sikka: Jaat Ke Thaat

Cast: Aatri Kumar, Nilufer Salehi, Rakesh Bedi, Susmita Mukherjee, Hemant Pandey, Vijay Kashyap

Director: Ram Pratap Singh

One of those films that crop up out of the woodwork and vanish just as quickly, ‘Khota Sikka’ appears to have been fashioned on benevolence towards its lead actor, Aatri Kumar, who happens to have some personal connection with the producer. So don’t expect much from this undeserving produce.

The storyline and treatment is very much in keeping with Omkardas Manekpuri’s last disaster ‘Munna Mange Memsaab.’ In this film, the spaced out layabout, Veeru (Aatri Kumar) with a tonal quality that is flat and uninteresting in essay, bumps into a London returned girl, Kiran (Nilufer Salehi).

Their first meeting was a mishap, the second was vengeance for the first and the third ends-up as a sight-seeing tour of Udaipur. Thereafter they fast-track onto love. Kiran confides in her father, who sees nothing wrong in marrying her off to the short, jobless, layabout. But the boy’s father has other plans for him.

Some knee-jerk activities later, the two lovers spring a surprise on their respective families with Rehmat Chacha’s assistance. Needless to say at the end is a wedding and the accompanied bollywoodian frills.

Not a promising story or treatment thereof. Aarti Kumar basically reeks of a wannabe Rajpal Yadav hangover but minus the talent or the timing. Nilufer tries hard to overlook her co-star’s ‘short’ comings but fails to impress. The supporting cast is also fitfully competent to say the least. The London returned fail to be consistent in their accents while the rest of the characters also look a fair bit off their stride.  So all you get is terrible tedium. Uninteresting, ugly and painful to sit through. Better left alone!

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