Kerala actress abduction case has always been making many twists and turns during its investigation process. But now, there is yet another thing happened in this case. Well, we all know that Dileep was arrested for allegedly making a plan against a victim actress. Since then, people have come across with much shocking information about their favorite superstar.

However, now Dileep’s mother has taken her step forward to get her son out of trouble. Recently, his mother Sarojam Pillai has written a letter to Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan defending her son and requesting the government to intervene in the case.

Sarojam Pillai wrote that her son is an innocent man, who will never “commit such a crime.” Reportedly, after getting a letter from his mother, the Chief Minister’s office has forwarded it to Kerala police Chief Loknath Behera.

Shockingly, Sarojam’s letter comes a day after the survivor of the actor had written a letter to the Chief Minister complaining against his Cabinet Minister PC George. In that letter, he claimed that the Kerala minister has allegedly tried to discredit the victim by questioning the credibility of the attack. Moreover, he has also been framed to sensationalise the case.

Well, Kerala High Court is yet to pass the judgment about the actor’s bail. The court has adjourned the hearing of Dileep’s new bail application on August 18.