Kamal Haasan’s Rs 95crore film

The filmmaker says ‘Vishwaroop’ will release on DTH.

Kamal Haasan is very happy while his film ‘Vishwaroop’ but very humbly he states that he is not only the reason that his films work. “It is team work. Everything has to fall in its place — right from getting a good cameraman, a good editor, everything comes together to make a beautiful film,” he adds.

Kamal Haasan’s Rs 95crore film

On releasing the film on DTH he says, “I am releasing the film on DTH because it’s another monetary venture. We will not be at a loss. I have spent about Rs 95crores but I am sure we will make some money from satellite as well. And now the Web is also a great platform thanks to digitization.”

All praises for the stars of his film he says, “’Vishwaroop’ is a thriller. It has a little humour in it and the music, choreography and acting are wonderful. It’s not about making your stars act it’s about evoking acting and my stars have done just that. I will be releasing my film on DTH all over the world.”

Having cast Shekhar Kapur in his film he says, “Both Shekhar Kapur and I always talked about working together. I had this lasso for 20 years and he also had one and we both were threatening to work with each other. Finally, I got him to act in my film. I am waiting for him to cast me.”

He adds, “I did not care for the budget of the film. However, I do not fear for the recovery as I am confident it will do well.”

Taking a pick from the PM’s lines he says, “As our PM always says, ‘We are an inclusive society and lives change (sic)’. I am sure lives are going to change after this film.”

Having learned dancing from Pt Birju Maharaj he says, “I feel privileged to have learnt from him. Pooja Kumar knows what a great teacher he is as she has been his student. Nevertheless, I was selfish this time and didn’t let her dance. I have been his fan for so many years and it has been a great honour to learn from him. I learnt his moves in three days and he was surprised that I picked it up fast. I told him if that just because I possess all my five fingers does not mean that I am not Eklavya. I have been watching him and waiting for an opportunity to dance to his tune… He is also like a child waiting to be served all the time.”

Kamal Haasan’s Rs 95crore film

Learning, Kamal considers, is a never-ending process; he adds,“There is no particular permanent change. For me work is a stage. Sometimes I pity myself for not having learnt a lot of languages like Chinese, French etc.”

“The human body is fantastic. It can take as much as you feed it. I try to follow the example of others and learn as much as I can from everybody. Enhancing all the capabilities which I may possess is what I always look forward too.” he highlights.

‘Vishwaroop’ film is meant for multiplex audiences feels Kamal, he says, “The film is not meant for the small screen. When we watched the film for the first time it was something else. We realized it was not meant for the small screen. But we were thinking of the future of the money the film will get. We are like lions. We wanted to feed everyone. It is said that when lion feeds it feeds for everyone.”

Kamal unhesitatingly agrees that Rajnikant is his rival.“We are both competitors and I don’t deny that. We come from the same institute of K Balanchandra. He gets concerned when my film is releasing on DTH and asks me why I am doing it. I am alarmed when he goes to the hospital. I enquire about his well being when he comes back and he says he is fine. We are good friends unquestionably, when it comes to my solo release I love to see my films doing well. But this does not mean we are not friends.”adds the actor

He says he hasn’t seen the latest Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan releases. over which he says, “I would love to watch these stars but lately I haven’t seen a lot of films, as I was busy with my shooting. But now I am planning to see more Hindi films.” On a diplomatic note he says, “I am keen to work here in Hindi films but I need to be approached by directors from the Hindi film fraternity.”

Clarifying rumours that Sonakshi Sinha and Deepika Padukone were to be cast in ‘Vishwaroop’ he says, “Sonakshi was considered and not Deepika. Finally we decided to take newcomers, as it was the requirement. Stars cannot accommodate so many dates for the schedule.”

Directing daughter Shruti, he says, “It’s been going on for 10 years, we are planning to work together. I was waiting for her stardom to rise here in bollywood. She has had a big hit in the South. When she has a hit here I will take things forward. It’s too early to announce whether I will share the screen space with her as a father.”

Which heroines you like to work with? “I like all beautiful girls. Undoubtedly, it depends on the story as to whom I would choose first, I believe that we never had favourites.” Kamal’s fitness mantra, he says jokingly, is, “My arm pits are in shape simply because I keep exchanging the mikes off and on, whenever I have to speak something on the dais. This has enabled me to maintain myself as fit as a fiddle.”

Accepting the compliment of being a living legend, he says, “Shankar has praised me. I am obliged. But I did not lend my ears to his worthy praises. As I am too young to be considered a legend.”

Will Haasan work in the ‘Ek Duje Ke Liye’ remake? He replies: “I don’t want to play the father now.”

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