Imran Khan’s  candid confessions

The actor talks about his films, flops, first affair in Chennai to marriage’s success ‘mantra’ and more

Imran Khan’s  candid confessions

Imran Khan plays the spoiled brat in Puneet Malhotra’s ‘Gori Tere Pyaar Mein’ and spills his secrets right from the success of his marriage, his first crush, his love for Bengaluru and his career uptake.
Revealing a hidden fact, he shares, “Not many know I have studied in a ‘gurukul’. I was quite small then. It was near Otty. The name of the village is Geddai. We faced water problems and there was no electricity. We would go to the riverbanks and wash our clothes. Also mopping and sweeping was done by each one of us in order to keep our rooms clean.”
On having rejected the script ‘Gori Tere Pyaar Mein’ (‘GTPM’) four times he clarifies, “I did not find the initial drafts very entertaining. I always felt that we needed to make a film like ‘I Hate Luv Storys’ (‘IHLS’). I told Puneet that ‘IHLS’ was a success so let’s try on the same lines. Finally when Puneet requested me to read the fifth draft and added, “If you don’t like it this time then we will not do it.” But this time, I realised what exactly was in his head. Therefore I agreed to do the film.” And added, “Now, I realise ‘IHLS’ was more superficial compared to ‘GTPM’. This will be closer to everyone’s hearts.”
Initially, Sonam Kapoor was paired with him for the romantic comedy. On this, he says, “Yes, I do miss her. But I cannot ask the director to cast someone specific. Working with Kareena the second time in ‘GTPM’ was a lot of fun.”
About how he has grown as an actor with every film, he shares, “I like to bring changes with every film of mine. Also, personally I do find a lot of changes in me. Anyone from the creative field, would love to perform in a better way. The day we creative people, be it writer or a director feels that they need not grow, that point the growth stops.” And added, “Everyday is a learning experience for us. I have grown with every film. ‘Matru’ helped me understand my character in ‘GTPM’ in a broader sense.”
Not many know that Imraan has grown in Bengaluru and he shares his love for the city and adds, “Yes, having spent more of my childhood days here, while we were to shoot in Bengaluru, it was like home-coming for me. I have studied in Valley School the sisterly concern of Rishi Valley School from 1998 -2002. It was a proud moment for me as I took Puneet all over the places and informed him the locations where we could shoot.” Recalling a particular incident, he shares, “Moreover, I would love to relish food at the Nagarajuna Restaurant which is at the dead end of the Brigade road. No sooner did we land up in Bengaluru I took Puneet and the crew to eat food at Nagarjuna. We relished the Chicken Chilly, which is very spicy as it is made with green chilies and so the color turns totally green. All of us loved the spicy food served to us simply on the banana leaf by putting water all around before beginning to eat. Until the last day, the second floor of Nagarjuna Hotel was booked for Dharma Productions. We also relished the delicious mutton Biryani.”
On leaving ‘Milan Talkies’ he says, “I left the film merely on some personal reasons. No it is not because of any financial hiccups. I can never choose a film on the basis of monetary settlement.”
Shedding light on how his wife and the film’s director go back a long way, he shares, “Avantika and Punnet are friends even before I was introduced to her. Their grand moms were great pals. So Avantika like a true friend always tries to pin point all the drawbacks in his filmmaking. After watching his film ‘GTPM’, she liked it a lot. But yet she told him you are so bright, you should use your intelligence in a better manner. Puneet is literally very scared of her.”
Sharing his own experience of working with the director for the second time, he shares, “I feel Puneet always writes his own relationships and translates them onto the celluloid. However, when asked he has denied it to me. But I feel that is his own theory.”
About how he goes about choosing his films, he says, “My criteria of choosing films is mostly based on the script I should feel like buying the tickets and have the urge to watch the film in the theaters. I feel the promos of any film should ignite that feeling in the audiences. A film has to be entertaining enough.”
Imran’s last offering ‘Once Upon Ay Time In Mumbaai Dobaara’ has failed miserably at the box office. To which, he says, “Well, my role has been appreciated by one and all. At certain level we lose the control. All we can do is perform our parts well. I think all our big stars too have given flops. Our profession is very unpredictable and uncertain. We cannot vouch for our expectations.” And adds, “But this does not mean that we sit down and not move ahead. If it is pouring cats and dogs, we need to buy an umbrella and move ahead. In the similar way, we cannot sit back worry and cry over split milk. We feel bad but can’t be bogged down by failures. Do not take success to your mind and failures to heart.”
2013 has definitely opened up new avenues for Imran in terms of diversity of roles. “From ‘Matru’ to the negative character in ‘Once Upon Ay Time In Mumbai Dobaara’, I have played different roles. And the next will be ‘Bhavesh Patel’. This guy is not a Gujarati nor is the film is a sci-fi film. It is a film based on a rebel guy from this era who feels the things are not happening in the right way. He wants to bring in a change. I have yet to get into this rebel character. I am working on it. Though, it seems to be tough enough,” shares the actor who is happy with the way his career has shaped up so far.
On a personal note, he adds, “Yes, I have a rebel inside me. Today also I do what my heart dictates to me and Avantika supports me. We cannot bow down to the norms and ways of people.”
Talking about his first crush, he shares,“In real life I did have to change my name and visit my girl friend’s house in Chennai. I stayed there for a week. This happened while I was just 19 years old. Her father was from the Army background, I did fear being shot dead. But then love is blind. I met her brothers and parents by changing my name. We would go out and enjoy every evening. We broke up after a short affair.” And adds, “Yes, the break up was owing to pursuing different religion! Definitely you can write this as Avantika knows about this story.”
Sharing his success mantra, “Yes, the success mantra of marriage is that I fight for 5 minutes but if I see that I am going loose. Then I change my mood and tell her that she is right. It should happen this way only. Please do not pursue your argument the sixth minute if you are losing on it. Do pass on this message to one and all.”

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