I have done every dance reality show... acting is the next step now: Choreographer Suresh Mukund

Emmy Award-nominated choreographer Suresh Mukund, who is the founder of dance group Kings United, has won the title of World Choreography Awards for the show, World of Dance. He is also the first Indian to win this title. Earlier, Suresh’s team had won NBC’s World of Dance season 3. Suresh was also one of the captains in the TV show Dance Plus 5.

As a child Suresh was inspired by Bollywood dancing. “I was inspired by Hrithik Roshan as a young adult. When I watched him dance, I wanted to be like him. He dances like a dream,” he recalled.

Though his struggle as a dancer began quite early, Suresh was always determined to make it big. “So, I was dancing at different dance studios at different stages. Initially, I started as a solo dancer. At that time, it was just western dance and Indian dance. There were no other categories. For a long time people knew me as a western dancer,” he added.

Soon he would move on to bigger things as he decided to expand his horizon. “Then I started the concept of dance crews. I used to watch international shows on YouTube and got together with some of my friends to make a dance crew. The team was finally formed in 2009 and we have been together since,” he pointed out.

However, the Emmy Award nomination followed by a win in the World Choreography Award catapulted him to a different horizon. “I got messages from choreographers all over the country, who congratulated me. Now are planning to do shows all over the world. Hopefully when things work out after the lockdown, I will be able to travel with my crew again,” he added.

On a personal level, Suresh now wants to act in films or web series. Acting has always been on his radar. “I have done every dance-based reality show that I could lay my hands on. Whether it was a regional show or something on national television, I have been there and done that. Now, I want to take things to the next level. Acting is obviously the next step and I am waiting for good offers to come my way!” he added.

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