Oscars 2020: Top 5 dialogues from Joker that felt like a knife through our hearts

Todd Phillips’s Joker released on October 2 and won the hearts of the audiences. Joaquin Phoenix has received a lot of praises for his portrayal of the iconic DC villain.

Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker is the origin story of the DC supervillain. The makers have given a completely new perspective to the story. The movie revolves around Arthur Fleck, a man who feels neglected by society and ends up finding his kick in crime and violence. Fleck has a neurological condition called Pathological Laughter and Crying (PLC). It makes him laugh uncontrollably at inappropriate occasions. But rather than laughing along, it makes your heart twitch for Fleck.

Although the movie made a lot of headlines for its dark theme and the portrayal of violence, the movie has managed to win the hearts of audiences all over the globe.

Joaquin Phoenix’s phenomenal performance has done justice to the most popular antagonist of modern fiction. Phoenix’s performance is being praised by audiences. The hard-hitting dialogue deliveries made the audiences gasp and cry.

Here we have five dialogues from 'Joker' that hit us way too hard:

All I have are negative thoughts

The movie’s premise is based around one fact: Arthur would not turn into ‘Joker’,if he hadn’t been neglected by the society. Arthur Fleck is aware that he’s unstable. He tries to find help from people around him, however ends up all alone in plight. And that’s when he turns to crime and violence.

You don’t listen, do you?

Arthur Fleck is a character that highlights the struggles of a man who is ignored by the society. The movie focuses on ignorance. It makes the character relatable by showing Arthur’s day to day struggles trying to make ends meet. The theme of the movie highlights how emotionless society is.

Arthur says this dialogue while talking to a social worker and even though it’s subtle, you can still feel how frustrated he is.

Someone who hides behind a mask

The irony of this dialogue is enough for audiences to remember it.

People are starting to notice

Arthur turns to violence and crime because he’s always been neglected and bullied by society. Emotionless society fails to understand his pain. The society that has ignored him for so long starts noticing him when he transforms into a murderer. And Arthur enjoys the attention.

Hope my death makes more cents than my life

This is one of the best lines in the movie. Arthur Fleck who’s a stand-up comedian, struggles to meet ends every day. While he’s standing on the stage reading his jokes in front of an audience, he says this line. And this line which has been written as a joke showcases Arthur’s mental state.

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