Lesser known facts about this sitcom
Lesser known facts about this sitcom

F.R.I.E.N.D.S is a sitcom that doesn't need an introduction. It is so beloved and has touched so many lives over the years. It is a sitcom that every generation can enjoy and has enjoyed.

James Corden said to the cast which includes Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc and David Schwimmer that "You made us feel like we have these friends," and that is the best way that anyone can put it.

It is always fun to know some behind the scenes tidbits so here they are!

Behind the scenes facts about this glorious show:

1. There were originally supposed to only be four main friends. Phoebe and Chandler were meant to play supporting roles.

2. Phoebe was meant to be a much darker character. However, they later made her quirky instead.

3. Lisa Kudrow became pregnant in real life so they wrote it into the show, that is how she became a surrogate for her brother.

4. Courteney Cox too got pregnant on the show but the writers had already established that Chandler and Monica couldn't have kids and turned towards adoption. So they hid her pregnancy with oversized clothes, props and camera angles.

5. However, Courteney Cox's journey towards becoming pregnant wasn't easy. She and her then husband David Arquette had a difficult time getting pregnant. She even suffered from a horrific miscarriage during her time on the show and what made things even worse was that Jennifer Aniston's character 'Rachel' was pregnant with Emma. Cox said it was an extremely difficult period in her life and it was difficult going to set everyday.

6. Matthew Perry battled with addiction during his time on the show. He claims he never used substances while he was on set but he would frequently arrive to work hungover. As a result, he had to go to rehab twice during the show's run.

7. Cole Sprouse who played Ross's son-Ben was smitten with Jennifer Aniston and said he would forget his lines when he worked with her.

8. Jennifer Aniston struggled with punctuality. The cast held an intervention for her because of this and the intervention was led by David Schwimmer.

9. Jennifer Aniston was going through a tough time in her personal life and wanted out from the show before 10 seasons, but she eventually agreed to stay on.

10. The cast worked together to get a raise. They all stood united with each other and made sure they each got paid the same amount and a raise.

11. The finale destroyed the set. The crew had to tear down the Central Perk set to make the airport set in the last episode so when Rachel said, "Should we get coffee?" and Chandler said "Where?" It was all genuine.

12. The show turned down a famous celebrity cameo-Justin Timberlake. The writers couldn't find a part for him and so when Justin asked if he could be a part of an episode, they had to turn him down.

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