'Classic greenwashing': GoT star Maisie Williams receives flak for partnering with H&M for 'sustainability' initiative
'Classic greenwashing': GoT star Maisie Williams receives flak for partnering with H&M for 'sustainability' initiative

'Game of Thrones' actress Maisie Williams, who recently announced that she has partnered with H&M for their 'sustainability' initiative, is receiving flak and being accused of 'perpetuating lies'.

Maisie Williams took to her social media on Tuesday to announce the partnership and shared a video, which urges people to take a step in the right direction and 'evolve'.

"I am pleased to finally share the news of my partnership with H&M as Global Sustainability Ambassador and I cannot wait for you all to see what we have been working on," she shared.

"In this role, I will be working closely with experts within H&M to drive their sustainability initiatives and shape the path towards an accessible and circular fashion future. The long term goal is to use 100 percent recycled or other sustainably sourced materials for textiles across the entire H&M Group by 2030," the actress added.

She said that it's time to 'take action and create more viable production circuits in fashion to protect our planet for the next generation.'

After the news was shared by Maisie, the multinational clothing-retail company known for its fast-fashion was panned for being a 'massive greenwasher'.

Lashing out at the actress, a user wrote, "Ask them if they're so sustainable why all their garment workers on poverty wages, why haven't they signed up to the severance fund, and why do they refuse to sign the binding agreement on gender-based violence despite immense evidence it is a systemic issue in their supply chain."

"Global sustainability should mean paying their female garment workers a living wage this is greenwashing and targets set 9 years from now means tonnes and tonnes more polyester garments tipped into landfill. We need solutions now and we aren’t going to get them from fast fashion," commented another.

A comment read, "What does 'sourced more sustainably' even mean? Fast Fashion can never be sustainable."

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