Bullied 9-year-old boy gets support from Hugh Jackman, Jon Bernthal, comedian Brad Williams and other H'wood celebs

A string of Hollywood celebrities, including Hugh Jackman and Jeffrey Dean Morgan have lent support to a bullied 9-year-old boy, who wanted "someone to murder him" after being bullied in school for dwarfism.

A video on social media went viral showing Quaden Bayles wanting to be killed after his mother shot the boy in a highly agitated state, perspiring, hyperventilating and seething with rage at being dehumanised in school, aceshowbiz.com.

Her mother could be heard saying that people need to know.

Quaden is seen crying as he asks for a knife so that he could stab himself to the heart after being bullied due to his dwarfism.

"This is the impact bullying has on a 9-year-old kid that just wants to go to school, get an education and have fun. But every single frickin day, something happens. Another episode, another bullying, another thorn, another name-calling," his mom said in the background.

Seeing the clip, Jackman sent a video of himself letting the Australian boy know that he's his friend.

He said: "Quaden, you are stronger than you know, and no matter what, you've got a friend in me. Everyone, let's please be kind to each other. Bullying is not okay, period. Life is hard enough. Let's just remember: every person in front of us is facing some kind of battle, so let's just be kind."

Morgan said in a video of his own: "What I want you to know is that you have friends me included. I am your buddy. You haven't met me yet, but we'll see if we can change that. Maybe your mom can DM me."

"The Walking Dead" star continued: "You have a bunch of friends out here, out in the world that you haven't met yet. We're here, we got your back. You need to know that. It'll get better."

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This has me in tears and I know as a special needs parent myself i know how much this hurts you. As a parent we do everything in our power to protect our children, but it's most difficult to protect from words and bullying from children and adults. When i go shopping with my youngest Elliot hes severely autistic you would think people would see his wheelchair and know something was wrong BUT no some people look past that and are so rude and ignorant. I've had so much said to me and him, about his handflapping, about his shouting screaming, about him biting himself, about him not talking, walking, about him damaging stuff in shops or grabbing people walking past us clothes...Over the 11 years I've grown an extra 11 layers of skin and words do hurt still sometimes. I think its just lack of understanding to disabilities and I just thank god my 3 kids have an amazing understanding of all disabilities. I'm just lucky Elliot doesn't understand their words...well may be not lucky he can't talk, but lucky he can't feel the pain like this boy does. Sending love to this boy and his family WE HAVE YOUR BACK ( like Jeff said). #disabilities #awereness #bullying #understanding

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Other stars who have sent support to Quaden included Jon Bernthal, who urged the boy to "stay strong the world is watching and you have so much beautiful power. From me and my boys we are with you and we thank you."

Comedian Brad Williams, who also has Achondroplasia, decided to raise $10,000 in order to send both Quaden and his mother to Disneyland Resort in California.

"This makes me sick. I've been trying to get in touch with this family. If any of my Australian fans know this family, Please tell this wonderful boy that he has me and an army of friends all over the world that support me.... I've set up a GoFundMe to send brave Quaden and his mother to Disneyland. Let's show a bullied kid that he is loved!"

In over 24 hours it had more than 15.2 million views, and continuing.

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