BTS' Jungkook's photos used in campaign to help legalise tattoos in South Korea; lawmaker faces backlash

Several pictures of BTS member Jungkook, uploaded by a lawmaker to promote a bill on legalizing tattooing in South Korea, have provoked the ire of BTS fans.

Fans say that the lawmaker has unfairly dragged the K-pop star into politics.

Jungkook has tattoos on his hands and arms, but he covers them with bandages when he appears on national television because of a rule against showing tattoos on TV.

Along with the pictures of JungKook, a.k.a Jeon Jung-kook, and his many tattoos, lawmaker Ryu Ho-jeong penned a lengthy Instagram post titled, "Take the bandages off BTS!"

Ryun's note read, "It's not the fault of the 'regulations on broadcasting review'. Claims that tattoos harm ethical feelings or emotions, or that they adversely affect young viewers, have lost their persuasive power in the face of freedom of artistic expression. However, tattooing is still illegal. The system was not able to keep up with the changes in the world that respect the individuality and creativity of free individuals."

"Beautiful pictures, wonderful words, and tattoos that are common around us are illegal. In the era of the 3 million tattoo population, domestic tattooists with the best technology and high artistry swept the world competitions and are respected as outstanding artists on the world stage, while 'K-Tattoo' was only ignored by KOREA. It was not nurtured as an 'industry', the citizens working there were not protected by 'labor', and the economic activities taking place there did not become a 'tax'," she continued.

Have a look at the post here:

Ryun choosing Jungkook has a reason behind it. It was reported that since the singer is a world-renowned personality, it would make it simpler for others to be involved.

However, the post sparked protests by BTS fans accusing Ryun of taking advantage of the band's fame for her political interest. Fans demanded the lawmaker take down Jungkook's photos.

"Do you really have to use portraits of a certain artist to make political remarks? ... I don't understand why the idea of tattoo conjured up the image of BTS' Jungkook in your mind," a fan responded on Twitter.

"Have you received consent from (Jungkook)? If not, are you trying to get a free ride on BTS' fame?" another fan said on Twitter.

"It’s nice to have a bill but you’re using the face of a certain celebrity too much. Please delete the photo," a netizen wrote.

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