An incomplete list of 'The Boys' supes and their Marvel, DC counterparts

With a ton of insanity, blood, gore, quirk and a dash of politics, The Boys season 2 is back with a bang.

As the Amazon Prime original marked its fourth episode last week, fans and viewers across the globe witnessed the rise of a new arch enemy aka Stormfront for not just Butcher and his gang but also the all-American mighty supe Homelander.

The new season has carved a niche for a second female antagonist after the death of Vaught’s Madelyn Stillwell who managed the seven in season one.

Stormfront comes with her share of a dark past which will be unearthed in the upcoming episodes. The anti-right supe, who is basking on the liberals against the superhero company also brought in the most controversial topics in recent times, such as “so white” (inspired by the Academy award demanding inclusivity of all races) and the Black Lives Matter protests.

With that being said, hardcore fans of The Boys, who have been following the narrative from Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson's comic book days, have drawn similarities of the supes with their Marvel and DC counterparts.

Homelander: Superman - DC - The American favourite superhero, who has laserbeam eyes and can fly. His costume is also around the theme of the US flag - red and blue.

Maeve: Wonder Woman - DC - Costume, tiara, unbeatable strength are the common grounds here. However, The Boys has gone ahead to make her a lesbian hero, unlike the speculations around Wonder Woman, who is touted by a section of fans to be bisexual.

Here are some more from the show that fit the bill.

Black Noir: Batman - DC, Nighthawk - Marvel

Starlight: Mix of Supergirl and Star Girl - DC

The Deep: Aqua Man - DC

Translucent: Martian Man Hunter - DC, Vision - Marvel

Lamplighter: Green Lantern - DC

A- Train - Flash - DC, Quicksilver - Marvel

Doppelganger – Mystique - Marvel

Tek Knight: Iron Man - Marvel

Soldier Boy: Captain America - Marvel

Stormfront: Thor - Marvel

Popclaw: Wolverine - Marvel

The Mesmerizer - Professor X - Marvel

For those who came in late, a brief reckoner. The world of The Boys is one where individuals with superpowers, worshipped as gods by the masses, are managed and marketed by a powerful, multimillion-dollar firm named Vought International.

The superheroes do their heroic bits, but they are also often corrupt and evil. The plot essentially follows two sets of heroes. You have the Seven, Vought International's chosen selection, and then there are the Boys, who work at keeping a check on superheroes gone rogue.

The Boys stars Karl Urban, Jack Quaid, Erin Moriarty, Antony Starr, Aya Cash, Dominique McElligott, and Jessie T. Usher. The show has been developed by Eric Kripke.

Four out of eight episodes of season two have been released. A new episode follows every Friday with the finale premiering on October 9.

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