The Bhajan singer who has restored every elderly man’s faith in love and the fact that age is just a number, Anup Jalota is making news since his entry in Bigg Boss house. The singer who has been married multiple times grabbed eyeballs when it was revealed that he is currently dating Jasleen Mathura who is 37 years younger to him, and also a part of Bigg Boss 12.

While a lot of contestants and people have said that Anup and Jasleen’s relationship is fake and just for the show, time and again we have seen Anup and Jasleen professing their love for each other like any normal couple. While it is rumored that Anup who is elected this week for nomination might get evicted from Bigg Boss house, let us give you some inside scoop from the house.

During his recent conversation with contestants Rohit Suchanti, Romil Chaudhary and Deepak Thakur, Anup revealed that he had hair transplant worth Rs 7 lakhs.

Revealing the details of his expensive ‘secret’, Anup said that he paid Rs. 100 per strand for the procedure. He got 7,000 new hair strands. “I have heard that some people charged Rs. 50 per strand, but mine was expensive,” he added.

Talking about Anup’s performance in Bigg Boss 12, the singer currently is not actively involved in the game or any task which has been pointed to him many times by host Salman Khan.