Game of Thrones S8 EP 4: Jon’s identity not a secret, Euron kills Rhaegal

With the great war ended, those alive prepare for the last war in episode four of Game of Thrones season 8. The reel begins with a ceremonial pyre to put the lost ones to rest. Daenerys grieves for Jorah, Sansa for Theon,  which is followed by a dinner during which Gendry is made a Lord of Storm’s End. Meanwhile everyone raises a toast to Dany and Arya. Tyrion, Jamie, Brienne and Podrick get into a game of Never Have I Ever. On the other hand as Tormund starts complimenting Jon’s achievements, Dany gets insecure and walks out.

Tyrion reveals Brienne is a virgin, during which she walks out and is almost followed by Tormund, who is intervened by Jamie. Meanwhile, Gendry proposes to Arya which is sadly refused as the latter doesn’t want to be a lady. Brienne loses her virginity to Jamie.

Furthermore, Dany asks Jon to never let anyone know of his true identity. When the Starks corner Jon after an awkward meeting discussing the war to the south, Jon reveals to Sansa and Arya of his identity. Despite swearing to Jon to never speak of it, Sansa tells Tyrion who further tells Varys. As Jon and Ser Davos march down south, they bid farewell to Tormund and Samwell who is not to be father to Gilly’s child who is pregnant.

Tyrion and Varys talk about marrying Jon and Dany as well the latter’s state of mind. As the Dragon fleet is about to ender Kings Landing, Rhaegal gets killed by Euron as Dany narrowly escapes, courtesy the major spears. Cersei allows thousands of innocents into the Red Keep, as killing innocents would prove Dany is not a great ruler. Cersei also lies to Euron that she is expecting his child. Meanwhile, Missandei is captured.

Varys and Tyrion try to talk to Dany of prioritising the people first. As they all head towards the negotiation, Cersei kills Missandei. Jamie leaves Winterfell leaving Brienne heartbroken.

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