Force 2: Actioner without traction

Film: Force 2

Cast: John Abraham, Sonakshi Sinha, Freddy Daruwala, Tahir Raj Bhasin, Raj Babbar, Adil Hussain, Narendra Jha

Director: Abhinay Deo

ACP Yashwardhan (John Abraham) establishes his ‘sataklela’ attitude by tackling a whole passel of bad guys wielding guns, single-handedly and unarmed. While that’s fun to watch, it also leaves you with doubts about what Director Abhinay Deo was trying to achieve by pulling this kind of wool over our eyes. In fact, throughout ‘Force 2’ you see the same thing being replayed again and again. Yash is pursued, attacked and shot at by gunmen and just when they get close enough they start resorting to hand- to-hand combat.

In fact every time there’s a confrontation between the agents and the villains you could well envision the duo, Yash and his boss lady KK a.k.a Karamjit Kaur (Sonakshi Sinha) being killed. And Yash keeps missing most times when he is gunning for the villains. Car chases, bust-ups, highway pile-ups, on-foot chases and many more forms of thriller elements take you from China to India to Budapest where the so called Terrorist pest Shiv Kumar (Tahi Raj Bhasin) is stationed- for reasons best known to him.

The movie starts off with RAW agents being picked off one after the other, in China of all places. Three down and the Chief (Narendra Jha) is a worried man while Yash has his own revenge to get for the death of his one true friend Harish (Freddy Daruwala). So without as much as a by your leave, he walks into the RAW headquarters, hands them a book of clues sent to him by Harish and muscles his way into the assignment. But he has KK bossing him and they do their own separate thing until the villain pulls a fast one on them.

There’s not much chemistry between the two leads, there’s no rub-off sexual antagonism on display either- only a forced wariness about each other’s abilities thereof. The story just goes haywire and the reasoning is pretty much ridiculous. Imagine a RAW officer (Boman Irani in a guest appearance) explaining to his son that he worked for RAW for 30 years – and neither his wife nor son knew about it. And then the assassins come in and take him out.

Pretty flimsy reason for any kind of villainy but that’s what you get here. And to think that a young entrepreneur (we never get to know his profession) has so much money that he is able to change identities, brain wash police battalions, turn patriotic spies into double agents and flit from one country to another with the ease of a chameleon.

While the storyline and plotting are pretty much mundane make believe, the treatment manages to get your attention- at least to some extent. Abhinay Deo ups the pace and makes the experience quite blistering. It may not be logical but it has its kinetic moments.

The cinematography and editing are the key players here; Actors are mere props because neither John nor Sonakshi is capable of giving an in-depth performance. The best that can be said about them is that they were sincere.  In spite of mechanical faults, the action here is the most riveting we’ve seen in a Hindi film. Unfortunately the story is so filled with loop holes that even that isn’t enough to lure you into the theatres.

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