Sonali Kulkarni, who made her mark in films like Dil Chahta Hai, Ek Villain, and Taxi No.9211, tells SANDEEP HATTANGADI that she also enjoys cycling and reading on the weekends

What do you like the most about your weekends?

I enjoy not working and sitting for a family lunch and dinner and going out with my entire family. I enjoy the leisure that I have on hand and can do things which on other days I can’t.

What makes you look forward to it?

After a busy five-day work schedule I look for some relaxation and rejuvenation which gives me the energy to do my work for the next five-day week.

How do you like to spend your ideal weekend?

I like to explore the forts of Maharashtra which are a delight for historians and trekkers and also look out for clean beaches where I can catch up on my beach sports and relaxation.

How do you make your weekend a memorable one?

I am fond of cooking and I try to make fresh new delicacies for my family. Cooking is my all time favourite weekend activity and I really recommend cooking to everybody.

How often do you go for short getaways on the weekends?

There is no specific weekend getaway as I am very happy to be in Mumbai which has a lot of greenery and beaches and I look to visit such places. When I really want a break I take off to Pune with my friends and family.

Do you believe in a work-life balance concept? Why is it important?

Yes I do because we all are running in the race for success without time to spare for ourselves. People generally go for physical health but mental health is something which we should really not ignore and look after.

How do you manage to create a balance in your life?

I work and I enjoy the weekend in equal measure.

How do you keep stress at bay?

I cook and I pursue many sports like cycling, etc. I also read and write a lot and be among family and friends.

What tips would you like to give to readers to strike a work-life balance?

Do work hard but play and enjoy hard too and don’t be a workaholic. Nurturing hobbies is good because it is something that occupies your mind and is good for your entire well being.

For Sonali Kulkarni, mission weekend is forts and beach sports

Is there any hobby or sport you catch up on during your weekends?
Yes. I like to pursue cycling as a sport and I write profusely on a weekend, like I had a weekly column in a regional Marathi newspaper.

What kind of food and drink do you treat yourself to on the weekend?
It’s a regular lunch and dinner but generally a vegetarian one as I can prepare many good vegetarian dishes and my family and friends love it.

Can you recall your most memorable weekends?

My most memorable weekend was the last one I had when my family visited Pune, my home town. I had attended a painting workshop and a holistic spiritual session and a meditation   workshop. I took my daughter along too.