TV actress Mahika Sharma is recently getting trolled for her statement over fantasising Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi in her teenage. When IB Times, asked her about the teenage crush she said, “Do you really want me to answer it? You will be surprised but I was a child, I was just 13 years old. I used to keep kissing Afridi’s pictures (laughs). And when I started exploring about sex, I started fantasising him and kept myself satisfied.”

Well, with this statement people started trolling and sending her disgracing messages on social media.  In a statement to SpotBoyE, she said, “Yes, people are harassing me sexually. They are asking me to tell my rate. I don’t look at trolls. They just need to be shown the middle finger. Their fathers don’t feed you any day.” And about the troll, she told the entertainment portal, “Sex is no big deal these days. If boys can openly talk about their crushes and fantasies, why do we girls need to have a lakshman rekha?  I don’t believe in gender discrimination. Why can’t I be open about my desires?”

Apart from that, when FPJ contacted Mahika Sharma and asked her about current masturbation scene controversy of the film Veere Di Wedding, she said, “I feel Swara Bhasker has done wonderful job. It was important to bring some hidden facts in open. Everyone knows it. But as they feel shy away to talk about it, what’s shy about it. I think the team failed to promote it like they do every time social media challenge. They should be challenged to shoot a masturbating and tag their friends to do it. Every girl does, why to shy away. If menstruation is natural so is the sexual feeling.”

Further, Mahika told about women’s sexual fantasies are considered as taboo in Indian society. She said, “I think only Indian society or our neighbouring countries. This is bad and that is why we women are facing rape and sexual harassment. Women are raped as a man thinks that they will not talk about it. Because if they do. It spoils girls image only. Still, at some places, boys use girls and does flirt and sex and keeps her heart broken. Because they know in our society if she speaks out she will not get a good man and her family will force her to be silent. Mostly in our society boys has an image which can’t be harm, but girls image can be spoiled in a day. And I’m sure if I’m talking to media and giving such statement people will judge me wrong.”

Well, Mahika is known for her outspoken nature and her statements are indeed giving a boost to a debate.