Dil Juunglee movie: Review, Cast and Director

Film: Dil Juunglee

Cast: Saquib Saleem, Tapsee Pannu, Abhilash Thapliyal, Nidhi Singh, Ayesha Kaduskar and Srishti Shrivastava

Director: Aleya Sen Sharma

Rating: * ½

An archaic storyline, lazy, ineffectual scripting and lusterless performances are the highlights of this romantic fiasco that talented lead duo Tapsee Pannu and Saquib Saleem try hard to make their own. But it’s just not working out that way.

Rich girl Koroli Nair (Tapsee Pannu), the bespectacled loner type who pursues literature, writes love ditties in her scrapbook and has ambitions that only lead up to happily ever after, meets up with Sumit Uppal (Saquib Saleem), a relatively poor and brash Delhi model whose only claim to fame is a faceless appearance on women’s mag ‘Grihshobha.’ He also wants to get into Bollywood.

Obviously, sparks fly as preordained. But their love story takes a reality check and the two go their separate ways. It’s only years later, that they realise – all they needed was love. So, is it too late for them.

Frankly speaking, you couldn’t be bothered. There’s no novelty in this antiquated romance, the set-up doesn’t allow for any great story-telling craft and the performances though competent, lack sharpness. It’s certainly not easy to sit through two hours plus of stupid, stale, meaningless dilly-dallying in the name of romance.

It’s obvious this film was targeted at the younger audience what with typically pithy comments and jokes coming out in spurts and jocular brazenness getting palmed off as comedy. The writing is inadequate, characters don’t have a believable arch and tech credits also leave a lot to be desired. Rest assured, there’s nothing alluring or interesting here.

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