Creature 3D: Long-route to Despair

Film: Creature 3D         

Cast: Bipasha Basu, Imran Abbas

Director: Vikram Bhatt

Vikram Bhatt’s attempt to give Bipashu Basu’s career a much needed fill-up with this horror factory product is yet another nail-in-the-coffin for genuine horror aficionados. The plot is lame, the build-up lacking in tension and bite and the tempo is just a little too flat to make any dent on your psyche. Even, the digital ‘Creature’ fashioned on mumbo-jumbo looks a little too rubbery to strike fear in the hearts of its viewers.

The narrative is so intent on the making the lead actress look good that not a hair on her head strays out of place despite the heavy-weather activity she engages in to save her resort from horrific attacks by the creature.

The film begins with Ahana(Bipasha) showing-off her new toy, a boutique hotel, Glendale resorts, in the heart of the Himachal Hills, to her dear father. Minutes later we release that her father died several months ago and it’s just Ahana, setting herself free from the stranglehold of a coveted ownership of prime property in Mumbai, which she sold to fashion this so-called dream. Guests start streaming in and Ahana, the efficient hostess, sets the ball rolling with a music program as a welcome gift.

But the band has not arrived and Ahana mistakes a loner for the musician and sets him singing on the guests. A song later she realises that she’s mistaken, apologises and they both are well set en route to falling in love. But the Creature has its own plans, keeps eating away at her guests and her confidence, causing a rupture in the romance. Forest officers, a scientist and employees all fall prey to the creature before Ahana and her love manage to quell the devil from within and without!

Bipasha looks good and performs to rote but it’s not an involving one. Pakistani actor Imran Abbas has the look of sensitive poet but not much screen presence to go with it. Mukul Dev manages to look solid even though his role was a very wishy-washy one. The songs are an attraction no doubt but it’s not enough to get you into the theatres.

The storyline is standard issue Bollywood – so not much purchase there. The treatment is a little too hands-off to stir the audience. We never get involved in the character’s plight not are we empathetic towards her dilemma. There’s no tension to be had either. The thrills are minimal even though the 3D depth is solid and effects are pretty crusty. This is a film that promised much but delivered very little.

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