World Music Day 2021: ‘We've never felt competitive’, say twins Prakriti and Sukriti Kakar

Bollywood's emerging duo Prakriti and Sukriti Kakar are best known for delivering super hit tracks individually such as "Gazab Ka Hai Din" Remake from Dil Juunglee, "Dil Ka Darji" from Stree, and "Kar Gayi Chull" from Kapoor & Sons to name a few.

On World Music Day, the twins get candid on growing up in a musical household, creative differences, and more…

What was it like growing up in a musical household?

We were always surrounded by a lot of riyaz, songs by Lata ji Asha ji, Alka Yagnik, and Kavita Krishnamurthy. Be it our elder sister Akriti practicing, or our mother teaching, the atmosphere has been more of Indian classical music. So much of it has been ingrained in our system because of hearing it. Most of our training has been because of listening to them. Sometimes even before hearing the original versions, we've heard songs in their voice.

It's impossible for anyone to hate music. Support your favourite artist, listen, stream their songs, because you're going to be the reason people make music.
Prakriti and Sukriti Kakar

What is the music scene in India right now?

We're at a time in the music industry that there is so much competition but that is also a reason why everybody is do inspired. Every time there's a new song released, you hear about a new singer, composer suggesting variety. People are willing to experiment and be adventurous. Even in Bollywood playback singing, a lot of singers are given chances today, which was not the case five years ago. It is very important for singers to find something special about themselves. Be as close to their original self, because there's one for everyone today. There's no point trying to copy the other.

Do you feel competitive amongst yourselves?

We've never felt competitive because we cover each other's weaknesses and flaws beautifully. We complement each other. We've been in situations where we've got the same project and had to audition against each other but we've made peace with the fact that whoever gets it with their own merit, style, and potential, it's coming home and we're always going to share that feeling.

Is it easier or difficult to work with siblings?

Of course, we will have creative differences, be opinionated and talk to each other without any filter. Siblings bring out the best and worst in you. We have telepathy thanks to being twins.

How does it feel to be recognised as a popular duo at such a young age?

It feels great. It has been a long-term dream for us. When we were young, we always wanted to sing together. We've always harmonized. When we do LIVE shows we're always in sync. But when we started in Bollywood it wasn't like that. We’ve always waited to get a song together but that would mean there'd have to be two actresses in a certain song. Our goal is to make women anthems, and be the voice for pop music in India.

Do you prefer independent music or Bollywood playback?

Independent - for the sole reason of how liberating it feels. Usually when you're singing for Bollywood, you're playing a character, but that's not the case in the other. Nothing feels better than playing yourself. People often ask us who (actress) do you think your voice suits the most, and I just think it suits me the most.

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