Who is Smita Parikh – how is she connected to Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case?

The Supreme Court on Wednesday ordered Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case to be handed over to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).

With more and more revelations surfacing across media platforms, a very unusual named that popped up was a family friend of the actor named Smita Parikh.

Parikh has not been named in any of the FIRs and has not been summoned by Mumbai or Bihar police for questioning. However, she has made some explosive statements to the press that raised many questions.

According to reports, Smita and Sushant became friends in 2017, when the actor visited her literature festival as a guest speaker. He spoke about the changes needed in our education system and artificial intelligence.

Parikh became got along with Rajput and was in touch with his sister (not mentioned) and brother-in-law as well.

Here are some statements she made to the news channels who approached her.

Parikh told Republic TV that Sushant was affected by the death of his former manager Disha Salian.

Salian reportedly fell off her apartment in Mumbai and died on June 8, 2020.

She was also rumoured to be linked with the death of Rajput, who was found hanging on June 14, 2020, at his Bandra residence.

Parikh revealed that Sushant’s sister Mitu Singh told her that the actor was shocked hearing Salian’s death and used to say, "Ab Yeh Log Mujhe Nahi Chodenge."

"On 14th June, Sushant and his sister were going to have family time on Sunday afternoon. On the 13th night, his sister calls him he doesn’t pick up the phone, she texts him and he doesn’t reply, which is very unusual. In the morning, she calls Pithani and she asked him where is he and why is he not responding, and she’s been told that he just asked for juice and he went back and now he’s sleeping,” she added.

Parikh told India Today that she is sure of the fact that Sushant did not commit suicide.

"It’s been more than a month but forensic report of the cloth used for hanging has not come out. On the day of his death, Pithani, Samuel, the guy who used to handle his technical stuff were there along with his cook. Why didn’t they wait for sister to come? Pithani and Samuel were the only ones who saw him hanging. Nobody else saw him hanging. There were bruises on his face. And we know Sushant, he was not a guy who would kill himself over depression.”

Speaking about the actor’s girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty, who has been accused of abetting suicide by and defrauding Sushant, Smita said “Last year, Sushant had 40 crores in his account. And now even his bank statements show that crores were spent on Rhea’s make up, travel and what not. Sushant Singh Rajput did not die by suicide. We are 100% sure.”

In an interview with ET Times TV, Parikh spoke about how their friendship went downhill ever since Rhea came into Sushant’s life.

She said, "I began losing touch with Sushant around August 2019 (till then, they were very regularly in touch). We last interacted when we exchanged greetings in Diwali 2019. After that, there was no response from his side. I wished him on his birthday through Rhea Chakraborty's phone too when I texted my best wishes to him, but got no reply- neither from him nor her. I think he had changed his number by then and I don't think it was conveyed to him."

When asked about her first encounter with Rhea, Smita said that she met the actress during a poetry exchange at Sushant’s house. She also said that Rhea told her, how she would leave whenever Rajput’s family would arrive in Mumbai to avoid any scuffles.

“They (Sushant's family) had accepted that Sushant likes Rhea and wants to marry her. In today's times even if you see red flags, can you do anything about it? They had warned him enough, but maybe Sushant had made up his mind by then,” said Parikh.

She further added, “After Rhea came into Sushant's life, she would pick up his phone and even coordinate our meetings. So Sushant was sort of gradually disconnecting and Rhea was taking over. If only I knew what was going on, I would have personally gone over. I think he must have been given a phone without 'his contacts'.”

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