When Dilip Kumar saw a completely naked girl on his bed while working at Pune's Army Club

When Dilip Kumar published his autobiography "The Substance and the Shadow" in 2014, it unleashed a wave of startling anecdotes.

Among these, was an incident from the time he ran a sandwich stall at Pune's Army Club.

This was his first job, when reportedly the corporal's daughter entered Kumar’s room and sprawled on his bed completely naked.

Recalling the incident, Kumar shared that he stood frozen upon seeing the woman, following which he ran to the manager's cabin and informed about it.

Filled with "anger, disgust, and fear" Kumar managed to get the manager to his room but the girl had fled.

"The manager looked at me, his eyebrow raised questioningly. I held him by his elbow and made him turn around and walk back with me. I had this lurking feeling that she had headed for the poolside. We reached the pool and there she was, standing on the raised board above the pool sans her clothes and was swaying as if she was on a dance floor,” shared Kumar.

Kumar eventually left the job since he wanted to establish a business in Mumbai to contribute to the household income and help his father. His father was a fruit merchant and a landlord who owned orchards in Peshawar and Deolali near Nashik. But fate had other plans: at the Churchgate Station in Mumbai, Dilip Kumar met Dr Masani, who introduced him to actor Devika Rani, then owner of the renowned film studio in Malad, Bombay Talkies, which has now been shut down.

Earlier, Dilip Kumar used to help in the scripting and story-writing department because of his proficiency in the Urdu language. It was upon Devika Rani's request that Muhammed Yusuf Khan changed his professional name to Dilip Kumar. He then embarked on his acting career with Bombay Talkies in the movie 'Jwar Bhata.' In his autobiography he recalled, "I had no clue what acting in front of a camera was. It was something to be studied, learned, and practiced."

Kumar breathed his last on Wednesday at Mumbai's PD Hinduja Hospital. The 98-year-old actor passed away due to various age-related ailments.

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