What Ayushmann Khurrana craves...

Catching up with Ayushmann is always fun. We start off discussing Bala, which has a unique subject; one it unfortunately shares with the film Ujda Chaman.

The actor shrugs, “The subject is the same. Two artists can think of the same subject...but the story is different. I always try to say something so that the audiences, after watching the film, may start with discussions as well. Bala is also such a type of film.

It’s not just finding girls for a boy, it’s about self love as well. It’s about discovering yourself. It’s not just about someone facing hair fall problems and not finding girls. This film is for everyone of those who are subjected to torture owing to the colour of their skin, being short, skinny, etc.

What Ayushmann Khurrana craves...

He has been associated with different subjects, but what is his zone actually? “Quirky and taboo subjects have become like my zone!” he grins. “But in between I always try to do something different… Like I did ‘Andhadhun’ and Article 15 so this will keep going on.

I will try to do some different stuff. Our country has loads of taboo subjects. We are conservative, progressive and regressive as well. We have all types of people so we can play with all these taboo subjects.”

What Ayushmann Khurrana craves...

Sharing his self-discovery on the professional front, he says, “As an actor I discovered that it is essential to listen to your own inner voice, when you are choosing a character. Immediately after my film, Vicky Donor I started taking advice from many people belonging to the industry as I considered them to have a vast knowledge owing to their experience.

Later on I discovered that nobody knows what will work at the box office. Any well experienced actor/director/producer can go wrong. Anyone’s film can flop at the box office. I guess, the gut feel that I started getting after my first three films has helped my films work.

What Ayushmann Khurrana craves...

Since then I stopped taking advice from anyone. I am happy that since I started believing in my gut feeling all my films have started working at the bocx office. Whatever I have desired to choose is coming out pretty well. People like it.”

However, he does have a secret craving — to play an anti-hero’s character some time. “I would definitely like to do a full-fledged villain’s role. I am looking for an opportunity to do such a role. I played the anti-hero during my theatre days but I am literally craving to play a villain in film some time soon.”

Tease if he has any villainous qualities within him and he quips, “I don’t think I possess any villainous qualities as such in me but then no human being possesses all positive qualities, either!”

He adds, “I do feel the grey feelings exist in very individual. It could be different things like having a sense of jealousy, or any complexities that an individual may possess...No one is ever perfect, everyone has a negative shade, but as an individual you try not to play it up.

Also, people love to watch negative stuff in a performance. People love to watch realism. I also feel the dialogues of villains are definitely more impressive.”

While villains might not scare him the Friday jitters definitely do. “I do have Friday fears like the fear of examinations that we went through during our school and college times.

I have learnt that nothing is permanent. Every Friday brings different luck for you. You need to keep your mind cool and stable as this is a volatile industry. Anything can happen with anyone. Thus this city is called as the City

of Dreams. It might fulfil all your dreams but dreams once achieved can also be lost so you need to be cool and stable.”

Cool and stable...Ayushmann Khurrana certainly has that covered!

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