Mumbai Ka Ba
Mumbai Ka Ba

When asked to associate Bihar with music, most Indians will conjure up two songs, either the seminal Bhojpuri classic Lollipop Lagelu or Jiye Tu Bihar Ke Lala from Anurag Kasyap’s Gangs of Wasseypur.

The latter’s climax scene from Part 1 is perhaps even better than The Godfather Sonny Corleone shootout, elevated by the thespian genius of Manoj Bajpayee.

Now he's back on the Mumbai-Bihar Bollywood trip with a poignant song at a time when the entire narrative seems to be Mumbai vs Bihar or Mumbai being PoK thanks to Kangana Ranaut.

Composed by Anurag Saikia and penned by Dr Sagar, it was shot in a city studio in a day.

Manoj Bajpayee, who has reminded us time and again, that he can practically pull off any role, does decently at rap as well.

The rap, which will never be pushing Marshal Mathers out of a job isn’t particularly appealing from a musical sense, but it does evoke emotions.

It’s the tale of a migrant who comes to Mumbai searching, yearning for a better life and keeps on wondering why they are here. The song will appeal to even those who don’t live in Mumbai or understand Bhojpuri and goes some way in capturing why millions come to this city.

It’s also a reminder to everyone that Bhojpuri music just isn’t about songs mocking women, as has been the norm since several mocking Rhea Chakraborty went viral.

It works because it reminds us why we came to this city. Yes it has its faults, the street food is abysmal – an eternal battle between cheese, ragda and Schezwan.

The rent is insane, not just for those building high-rises but for even the middle-salaried who spend half their salaries on matchbox apartments.

But there’s a romantic side of this city which makes us say: “Mumbai meri jaan.”

Yes, it’s horrible, but the lives of many here tell us that if we are willing to work hard, we will get what our heart desires. It’s this eternal promise of redemption that keeps the heart of this city beating, which deludes us into thinking that seven random islands put together is the shining city on the top of the hill.

And that's what life is about - hope. And Bombay has it by the bucket loads. Bambai Main Yahi Ba.

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