'Thank God, I have a job I love doing and am passionate about my work', says 'Baby Doll' hitmaker Kanika Kapoor

Kanika Kapoor known for her foot-tapping, super hit albums, has come out with super cool new song called 2 Seater Car. This new track is essentially a conversation between two lovers and is shot in Dubai. The video shows some really eclectic styling by Kanika and the rhythmic beats and groovy dance steps show a new independent artist emerging in her. A wonderful addition to the song is well-known star singer Happy Singh. Incidentally, the singing and music composition of the song sets a new bar for Kanika.

Indeed, 2021 is going to be the year for Kanika Kapoor fans, with back-to-back releases and attention-demanding videos. We spoke to Kanika who tells us more about her talents, life and more.

So Kanika, if you had to rate your talent out of ten, what would it be?

I would give myself seven out of ten -I like to live in reality. But yes, after two of my videos that I am busy working on releases, which I am sure people will love - I will give myself 13 out of ten.”

Are you a workaholic?

“I don’t rest – I work 20 hours – almost all day. I don’t take time off, even in my sleep, I work. (laughs) I have growing kids, so I have to also look after my kids as well – currently, my daughter has holidays so she is with me. Thank God, I have a job I love doing and am so passionate about my work.”

Is the song that is being released have a gangster feel like some of your other hits?

The singing is natural; thus, the song is not gangster-gangster type. I can’t explain it to you. You will know when it is released. Its features yet another upcoming artist from North India. It feels nice to give chance to young, amazing artists. His tone, voice and rapping are phenomenal.

Do your daughters have any inclination towards singing?

“One of my daughters Samara is with me here while the rest are back home. Samara is 13 years old, and she is very interested in music. She has not yet started giving me musical suggestions but yes, all my kids appreciate my songs and love my singing. Since Samara is inclined towards singing, I will definitely support her if she wishes to sing. I will support all my children in whatever they wish to take up professionally.”

Is it true that you are in the midst of a big collaboration with some actor down South?

I am collaborating with a big actor down South and my video with him will come up this year, but I cannot reveal more about it. Let us prepare the poster and then the entire world shall know.”

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