Tara brings a sense of calm and peace in me: 'Hello Charlie' star, Aadar Jain

Aadar Jain, who made his debut in Qaidi Band in 2017, is taking another shot at fame. His next movie, Hello Charlie is releasing on Amazon Prime today. We caught up with the young actor for a quick tete-a-tete. Excerpts:

It’s been four years since you made your debut. Why did you take so long to come up with your second film?

I think you need to ask the question to the pandemic. My first film came out in 2017. I signed my second film in 2018 and it was shot in 2019 and was supposed to release in 2020. But the pandemic happened and so plans were shelved. Now, the film is releasing on OTT and I am really happy that the film is finally seeing the light of day. The trailer has had 2.3 million views and the film is releasing in 240 countries simultaneously. So yes, things did shape up well in the end.

So, the pandemic really played spoilt-sport?

Yes, it did. It affected the whole business of filmmaking and especially for newcomers like me it was a big setback because opportunities dried up. But on the good side people have been very welcoming towards me. Just a few days back I saw a few children in my building recreating the dance steps from a song of mine. They even showed it to me and that was really heartening. I mean when you see children treat your work so warmly it makes you smile! You feel grateful and blessed in their innocence! Also, I was waiting in the traffic and one of the people who was riding a bike stopped near my window and talked to me. He had seen me on screen. So, all these things re-instil your faith in the goodness of life.

Many actors find comedy rather difficult… how have you worked on your comic timing?

Simple things are the most difficult things in general to emote. Comedy as a genre is something I have loved and for an actor it gives you a lot of scope to use your skills. And I have gone all out to tap on the nuances of the character. I have worked on the body language and diction in detail. It just lifts your mood. I also learnt a lot from seniors on the set and worked on my shortcomings. I’ve watched them closely and tried and adapted to their method.

How did you groom yourself as an actor before joining the industry?

For an actor it is important to keep acting. You should keep going for auditions and keep meeting people and looking for work. As for me I have never been on a film set before, except for a couple of times as a child. So that does not even count. I have also worked as an assistant director for Karan Johar’s Ae Dil Hain Mushkil and Farah Khan’s Happy New Year. I got to learn a lot. I saw how lighting is done, how a unit works or how actors act and even how direction happens. It was good exposure. I learnt everything about cinema during that time. And that is when my journey started in this industry. There has to be a learning curve for everyone and an actor is not an exception.

Are you open to the short film format and OTT?

I am a total film buff and I would do whatever came my way. I love watching films and whether it is the short format or the long one, it does not bother me. It is all about how the film is made irrespective of platform. The story has to be engaging and my character should have scope. That is all I look at because I always go with my gut feeling.

Tara brings a sense of calm and peace in me: 'Hello Charlie' star, Aadar Jain

Last but not the least, you are a man in love! Does love keep you grounded?

Yes, it does. Tara is a very important part of my life and together we have a great time...she brings me a sense of calm and peace. We’re good for each other in many ways. She loves my work and we always encourage each other to do better.

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