'Sympathy queen': Rhea Chakraborty trolled for video message urging fans to donate for child with rare genetic disease

Bollywood actress Rhea Chakraborty, who has not been very active on social media after the death of her boyfriend Sushant Singh Rajput, on Wednesday shared a video message urging fans to donate funds for a child with rare genetic disorder.

In the video, Rhea is seen talking about the 1-year-old child's condition and urging netizens to donate for a drug named Zolgensma, which costs Rs 16 crore.

"Please Help Janish," Rhea wrote in the caption.

"1-year-old Janish has SMA Type-1, a rare genetic disease that usually kills babies before they turn 2 and can only be cured with Zolgensma which costs 16 crore rupees (USD 2.1 Million). As a last resort, his parents have started a fundraiser. Please help as much as you can to save his life," she added.

After the video garenred attention on social media, trolls attacked the actress and accused of her trying to 'change her image'.

"Oh pls, is tarah se apna character aacha krne se kuch nhi hoga.... You will still remain a bad selfish person," commented a user.

A comment read: "How on earth you thought that people will help you and listen to you. Only fools will definitely...."

A user wrote: "Isn’t this strategy quite old??"

Another called Rhea a "sympathy queen."

Meanwhile, a section of internet users came out in support of the actress and left positive notes in the comments section.

A user wrote, "You are a strong woman. Do not get affected by any of the negative comments. Whatever happened, the court has already proved everything. You just have to be strong and remember, humanity still exists. I personally love you. I am with you no matter what. Lots of love and power to you. You will soon get through this, I too pray for Janish. @rhea_chakraborty"

"People commenting negative here, even on this matter. I don't know what even keeps you alive? You people are sick and filled with poison. Chill! More power to Rhea! Lots of love, keep doing the good work," wrote another.

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