Sonu Sood receives backlash for questioning doctors recommending unavailable medicines to patients
Sonu Sood receives backlash for questioning doctors recommending unavailable medicines to patients

Bollywood actor and philanthropist Sonu Sood, who has been actively helping people amid the COVID-19 crisis in the country, questioned doctors about recommending an injection despite its unavailability in the market.

He took to Twitter on Wednesday and wrote: "One simple question: When everyone knows a particular injection is not available anywhere, why does every doctor recommends that injection only? When the hospitals cannot get that medicine then how will a common man get? Why can't v use a substitute of that medicine &save a life?"

While a section of netizens agreed with the 'Dabangg' actor, others had a completely different opinion.

A user wrote, "Some medicines do NOT have an alternative. If you’re referring to Liposomal amphotericin B, it has no known alternative as of now. They can only prescribe what medical science has created for them. It is the system’s responsibility to ensure medicines are available not doctors’."

"Sir, if you do not have a hybrid car and it runs out of dont put roohafza in it, hoping it would run," wrote another.

Another commented, "But tell me one thing.. are doctors mad?? Even if supplement can be effective most doctors are suggesting it.

"How can we blame doctors if there prescribed medicine or injection is not available in MARKT."

A comment read: "And as a Doctor we are here to cure not to substitute. Already public is making culprit for those things which are not in our control. We people are just scapegoat. But we have no problem as in this time of crisis we have to serve & we are proud that we doing that honestly."

Recently, the official Twitter account of the Collector and District Magistrate of Ganjam, Odisha had responded to a tweet by actor Sonu Sood where he claimed he had arranged for a bed at Ganjam City Hospital in Brahmapur for a patient.

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