Shibani Dandekar pens down a note defending Rhea Chakraborty, asks 'what was her crime'
Shibani Dandekar pens down a note defending Rhea Chakraborty, asks 'what was her crime'

After actress Vidya Balan stated that it was unfortunate how the tragic death of Sushant Singh Rajput had become a media circus and criticised the media trials of actress Rhea Chakraborty, popular singer penned down a note defending the 'Jalebi' actress.

Shibani Dandekar, who's a close friend of Rhea Chakraborty, took to her Instagram and wrote, "I’ve known Rhea Chakraborty since she was 16 years old! Vibrant, strong, vivacious..such a bright spark.. so full of life! I’ve witnessed such a stark contrast to this side of her personality over the last few months as her and her family...(some of the kindest warmest best people you will ever meet) have experienced the most unimaginable trauma! We have watched the media behave like complete vultures on a witch-hunt vilifying and torturing an innocent family to breaking point!"

Talking about how the media trial has affected Chakraborty family, she wrote, "Her basic human rights taken away as the media play judge jury and executioner! We have seen the death of journalism and frightening side of humanity! What was her crime? She loved a boy, looked after him through his darkest days, put her life on hold to be there for him and when he...took his own life she was crucified. What have we become? I’ve seen first hand what this has done to her mothers health, how it has effected her father who gave his life to serve this country for 20 years, how quickly her brother has had to grow up and how strong he has had to be."

Farhan Akhtar's girlfriend also apologized to Rhea for not standing by her in her ordeal and called her a pillar of strength and resilient. She wrote, "My Rhea, you are a pillar of strength, so resilient. I have so much love and respect for you, for the human being you are and for fighting this till the end, knowing that have the truth on your side... I’m sorry you had to go through this.. I’m sorry that we weren’t better.."

"I’m sorry that so many people let you down, doubted you, weren’t there for you when you needed them the most. I’m sorry that the best thing you did in your life (looking after Sushant) led you to the worst experience of your life...I’m so sorry.. I’m with you always. #JusticeforRhea," she added.

This comes a day after Vidya's contention in response to Telugu actress Lakshmi Manchu's tweet about Rhea on Monday.

Lakshmi had tweeted seeking justice for both Sushant and Rhea. She had added that she would want colleagues to stand up for her if she ever faced the situation that Rhea was currently going through. In the note, Lakshmi also said that "media trials" had made a "monster out of a girl". Her post was re-tweeted by actress Taapsee Pannu, who agreed with her.

In response, Vidya wrote: "God bless you, Lakshmi Manchu for saying this out loud. It is so unfortunate that the tragic and untimely death of a beloved young star Sushant Singh Rajput has become a media circus."

"In the same breath, as a woman, my heart breaks at the vilification of Rhea Chakraborty. Isn't it supposed to be 'innocent until proven guilty', or is it now 'guilty until proven innocent'!? Let's show some respect for the constitutional rights of a citizen and let the law take its course," Vidya added.

On Monday. Lakshmi had written: "I watched the complete interview with Rhea Chakraborty and I thought a lot about if I should respond or not. I see so many people so silent because the media has made a monster out of a girl. I don't know the truth and I want to know the truth and I hope the truth will come out in the most honest way.

"I have complete trust in the judiciary system and all the agencies that are involved in bringing justice to Sushant," she added.

Lakshmi said we need to "restrain ourselves from being evil and cruel and lynching of person and her entire family without knowing the facts".

After Lakshmi's post, several stars came forward to support her, but Sushant's niece Mallika Singh had a harsh reaction to the post. Mallika claimed she is surprised that people are suddenly remembering what standing up for a colleague means.

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