Priyanka Chopra's failed plastic surgeries: Bird-like nose and lip paralysis
Priyanka Chopra's failed plastic surgeries: Bird-like nose and lip paralysis

Priyanka Chopra has come a long way from being crowned as Miss World at the tender age of 18, to now being recognised as a global star. Despite the world in awe of her beauty, Priyanka’s initial days in the entertainment industry caused her to make a series of bad decisions that ruined her natural facial features.

The media has highlighted over the years, how Priyanka lightened her skin for Bollywood films, corrected her nose and enhanced her lips for a fuller look. While the before and after pictures did show a percentage of difference, a YouTuber named Lory Hill has pointed out the exact procedures PC went through and its aftermath.

In a video speaking at length about the cosmetic surgeries, Lory explains how Priyanka opted for rhinoplasty, but it didn’t go well and resulted her nose to appear like a bird’s beak also known as polly beak deformity. She also added that the procedure cost her bunch of projects since the recovery took 7-8 months.

As for her well defined lips, Hill mentioned that Chopra got a lip implant that made her lips appear fuller. However it resulted in lip paralysis which causes her left side of the lip to drop every time she smiles. This is because she got them done in the early 2000s, when implants were popular and this made her upper lip appear a little harder than it normally would.

Lory also spoke about inclusivity of women of colour in films. She addressed how skin lightening is given primary importance in India and how women are criticised for their skin tone. This was in reference to Priyanka, who earlier did go a few shades lighter while working in Bollywood, but embraced her dusky skin when she ventured into Hollywood.

While Lory claims that she’s not a doctor, she does have an extensive network that guides her to make videos and opine on actors who may have gone under the knife.

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