My wife Sargun always wanted me to be a good kisser: Ravi Dubey

TV’s cutest couple Ravi Dubey and wife Sargun Mehta are taking their association to a whole new level. No, they are not having a baby – not just yet… but they have turned producers and are coming out with some exciting new shows. Read on to know more as Ravi talks about turning producer, wife Sargun Mehta, kissing Nia Sharma for Jamai 2.0 and much more…

They are the ‘IT’ couple of TV. Gorgeous, loving and supportive, indeed Ravi Dubey and his wife Sargun give all of us couple goals. …And now they have turned producers and coming out with some shows which may not see them performing in it. We caught up with the gorgeous Ravi Dubey to know more. Read on…

Ask Ravi about the exciting plans of turning producer with wife Sargun and he confirms, “We are producing some shows and some OTT series in which we will not be acting in it.” Why? Is it because in their journey as actors, both Ravi and Sargun are doing some exciting work on the big screen and have no time for the small screen? Ravi pooh-poohs that and says, “Well, the small screen is the big screen now and is giving a tough competition to the so-called big screen. In fact, even the phone, the smallest screen has also been entertaining consumers.”

Adding, “My journey has been quite fruitful. I’m very thankful for whatever I have been able to get. I love being an actor and I also love diversifying as a producer now. My hands are full as actor/ producer and since I am passionate about my craft and having learned every aspect of working in the industry from the scripting level to music, acting and filmmaking, I feel I need to make the best use of all my learning.”

So how does he work as an actor/ producer? Does he use his heart or head to make decisions? “Essentially, though I’m a decent combination of heart as well mind – I don’t let one take the precedence over the other – so I’d say, it’s a combination of both. In my case, I’m a dreamer because the heart dreams so the infection is in the heart and not in the mind but practically, you need your mind.”

Talking about heart and mind; there is a kissing scene that Ravi did with Nia Sharma in ‘Jamai 2.0’ which supposedly was a minute long … Before we could complete, Ravi interrupts, “Arre baba minute nahi! It was the requirement of the scene and had to hold the integrity of the script and you gotta do, what you got to do. So initially in the first season, there were a lot of inhibitions. But it was Nia who broke the ice... She is a comfortable person to work with professionally and she is somebody who makes you comfortable. You may have jitters but she helped me out – and it’s also a friendship we share therefore it wasn’t a difficult thing to do. There is a lot of mutual respect. So we laughed and enjoyed ourselves after the so-called intimate smooch scene was canned. I would thank Nia for creating such a comfortable atmosphere.”

Ravi Dubey and Nia Sharma in Jamai Raja 2.0
Ravi Dubey and Nia Sharma in Jamai Raja 2.0

So, was Sargun fine with that? Ravi laughs, “She wanted me to be a good kisser but she told me -bus jakr naam kharab mat karna mera. Main kisi bhi tarike se yeh tolerate nahi karungi… When she saw the trailer, she was very happy that this franchise (Jamai) was taking a step forward. Technically, she felt the team had nailed it. Her perception was very clear as she felt it had made a solid impact.”

Ravi with wife Sargun Mehta
Ravi with wife Sargun Mehta
Ravi Dubey/ Instagram

So Sargun is not insecure…? Ravi laughs, “No never… far from it! We belong to the same profession. We know the hazards of it, we know we are going to be extremely busy shooting at different corners of the world and so we may not have 30 days to spend with each other. So, we have to make the best of the time we have with each other. And considering, we are deeply involved with each other as a couple as well as professional partners, we know exactly how to balance things.”

So, when is the couple planning to have an addition in the family? Ravi says, “Honestly, speaking, we have no idea. Both of us are very busy on the professional front. Undoubtedly, if it happens in the near future, we shall keep you guys posted.”

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