‘Mujhe ek chhota Sushant chahiye tha’: 11 explosive statements by Rhea Chakraborty

Bollywood actress Rhea Chakraborty has finally broken silence on the rumours and media trial that has pinned her ever since the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput.

Sushant was found hanging at his Bandra residence on June 14. He was 34.

Rhea and Sushant were in a live-in relationship till June 8, the day she left him. About a month later, the late actor’s father filed an FIR against her and others accusing of abetting suicide.

Now, after two months since Rajput’s demise, Rhea spoke to India Today addressing all the concocted stories being circulated in the media.

Here are 11 explosive statements made by the actress.

1. Rhea and Sushant knew each other since ‘Kai Po Che’. It was in 2015 that they first met and started dating. “Mujhe ek chhota Sushant chahiye tha, it was a running joke between us, ek chhota Sushi. You can understand by that how our relationship was like.”

2. Rhea texted filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt the day she left Sushant, stating that he asked her to leave his home. She claims that she was heartbroken and reached out to Bhatt. “Bhattsaab calls me child, messages mein bhi hai. His daughter is my age. That pure relationship has been misconstrued into something like this?”

3. Sushant’s family accused Rhea and her family of defrauding Sushant. Rhea said, “I was not living off Sushant Singh Rajput’s money. We were living like a couple.”

4. Chakraborty earlier said through her lawyer that Sushant’s sister Priyanka got drunk and tried to grope her, which strained her relationship with the actor’s family. “My relations with his family wasn't good. I had an incident with his sister Priyanka. In a drunk state, she tried to touch me inappropriately, I told Sushant.”

5. The actress has been accused of drugging him to which she said, “I did not give him any drug. Doctors gave a prescription, based on which we got the medicines. Everyone knows you cannot buy these without a valid prescription.”

6. Sushant’s father filed and FIR against Rhea, a month after the actor’s death. Rhea asserted, “Sushant wasn't close to his father. His father left his mother at a young age, and as a kid that bothered him. Before I met him, Sushant hadn't spoken to his father for 5 years.”

7. The Narcotics Central Bureau has registered a case against Rhea and others to probe on the alleged drug angle. Without discussing much, Rhea added, “Yes, he smoked marijuana. He used to do it since before he met me. Even during the time of Kedarnath, he used to smoke. But he is that kind of a man. I tried to stop him. But he would do what he liked.”

8. A couple of days ago, Republic TV reported that they gained access to confessions made by Siddharth Pithani to the CBI, stating that 8 hard disks worth data was cleaned out. “This is a baseless allegation, there was no hard drive that I know of, no one came while I was there. Perhaps, after I left, his sister may have called someone, but I am not aware of.”

9. During the initial probe, Rhea was accused of changing Sushant’s staff and taking control of his life. “I did not do anything to gain control of his life. He knew Siddharth since before he knew me. Samuel Miranda was hired by Priyanka. Keshav, Neeraj and Dipesh were with him since before me. In fact, he introduced me to them.”

10. Bollywood film producer Sandip Ssingh, who claims to be Sushant’s friend is also on CBI’s radar for his involvement in the case. “I don't know Sandip, he has ever come home, he never called. If he is such a good friend, where was he in the last one-and-a-half years?”

11. Speaking about her visit at the mortuary and saying sorry to the late actor, Rhea concluded, “I got to see the body for three seconds. I said I am sorry because I am that he has lost his life. And I touched his feet as a mark of respect, which I think any Indian would understand.”

(Excerpts via India Today)

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