Samyuktha Hegde
Samyuktha Hegde

South actress Samyuktha Hegde, who had gone with two of her friends to a park next to the Agara Lake in HSR Layout in Bengaluru alleged that she was heckled by Congress leader Kavitha Reddy for wearing a sports bra in a public.

Hegde recorded the entire incident and livestreamed it on Instagram, adding that the bystanders who watched accused her of being on drugs because she was an actor.

Reddy, a member of AICC and spokesperson for Karnataka Congress called the police and along with the crowd said that the women should be booked for public indecency.

“This is so wrong. I had my pullover on. We came here and I removed it and did my warmup. We were just exercising with hoops and this woman (referring to Kavitha Reddy) came up to us and started saying that we were being indecent for wearing a sports bra in a public place. We were just exercising by ourselves. Now the people here are saying that we consume drugs. Just because the drug case is being talked about, they are accusing us of consuming drugs,” Hegde said in her video as she broke down in tears.

According to a report by The News Minute, the police asked Hegde to leave the park, but the mob locked the main gate and seconded Reddy stating that a complaint should be filed.

However, there were some who stood in support of the actress stating that if they are to be detained for wearing fewer clothes, the men wearing shorts should also be asked to leave.

Meanwhile, the police, who came to diffuse the situation, maintained that Samyuktha did nothing wrong and let them off.

Reddy was quoted by the portal stating that the altercation started because the women were playing loud music. “Since the last three to four days, these women have been playing music and dancing, which is not allowed. Several regulars have told them not to do that. Yesterday, the guard told me that he was being yelled at by the public and asked me to come. I told them to not play music and dance. If I have to allow them then other people will be emboldened to come with speakers and play loud music,” she said.

“The minute I took a picture of her, one of the girls called a bloody old b**** and that's when I got angry and went to confront her. I was instigated. Why should I be called names? We saved the lake and have been protecting it since the last 10 years,” she added.

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