'Lemalla is a discovery in itself': Lucky Ali on collaboration with Israeli musician Eliezer Botzer
'Lemalla is a discovery in itself': Lucky Ali on collaboration with Israeli musician Eliezer Botzer

Singer-songwriter Lucky Ali, who's known for his soulful melodies, recently collaborated with Israeli musician Eliezer Botzer for a cross-cultural project titled 'Amaraya'.

The singers, in an exclusive interview with The Free Press Journal, open up about their latest track, album 'Lemalla' and more.

Talking about their collaboration, Eliezer shares, "After searching for a while for the right artist to collaborate with in India, we were exposed to Lucky’s music, his soulful voice and magical performance swept us immediately. After our first introduction online and sharing tracks with each other, we felt a very deep connection. Lucky invited us to his ranch/farm in Bangalore, where his studio is as well. We came together with our team from Israel and joined Lucky and his team on a journey of creating and recording together . After several rounds of travel, creating and recording together in India and in Israel, our friendship and collaboration expanded into an entire album."

'Lemalla is a discovery in itself': Lucky Ali on collaboration with Israeli musician Eliezer Botzer

The Israeli musician reveals that 'Safarnama' was the first track by Lucky Ali that struck a chord with him.

"My first visit to India was in 2004. I fell in love immediately with India's sounds, the beauty of the people and country is expressed in the Hindi songs, " says Botzer.

Talking about the inspiration behind 'Amaraya', Eliezer Botzer says, "The word Maraya in Arabic means mirrors. The 'A' we added to the name of the song symbolises the oneness of all humans. 'We’re all mirrors and reflections of each other' is what we sing in the course of the song."

"Amaraya is an expression of our excitement that blossomed from our interaction. We wrote the words and composed the melody together in Lucky's inspiring farm. The purity and sounds of nature accompanied by the flute and guitar, made our studying and praying together into a song of unity," the singer-songwriter adds.

When asked if fans can expect possible collaboration with Bollywood singers, he says, "Yes. Presently I am very focused on the mutual endeavour with Lucky. The future is open. My dream is to expand our project together and create a broader collaboration between Israeli and Indian artists."

"Lucky for me is a true friend and a teacher. He has a deep and unique perspective and vision of the world. He is driven by his love and caring of people and the environment. We share a common mission of reaching out to people in need, bringing people of different cultures and religions together and developing a dialogue of mutual responsibility and peace through music. We are both creative individuals and express our creativity in all that we do and what we do is expressed in what we create. Traveling and exploring our countries together, hosting and meeting each other’s families made our creative friendship into a full album of a journey that is in a constant state of development," the musician says.

Meanwhile, Lucky Ali, whose appeal extends far beyond number of releases and generations, says that the album 'Lemalla' is a discovery for him.

Talking about what helped him connect Botzer, the 'O Sanam' singer says, "The music found its way through like-mindedness, a connection that we all felt and made through the process of discovering each other, our cultures and our connection, which was expressed through music. While we were working on the project we also realised we had more similarities… as friends, as musicians, culture wise as well."

Ask him when can fans expect a solo track, Lucky concludes, "This is the second song release after a year. Music is a work in progress, a song should be ready to be released in all its regalia. I follow my own pace… xsuie- at your own pace. Music just happens… It takes time for projects like these. I’ve been able to finish the backlog of my unreleased projects, so new music will come out this year."

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