Kapoor Vs Kapoor: Dear Sonam, please check your privilege before asking us to fire our writer
Kapoor Vs Kapoor: Dear Sonam, please check your privilege before asking us to fire our writer
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Before we begin addressing your ‘confusion’, let us be clear that we’re not here to put you down, demean you, or hamper your reputation. As a media outlet, it’s our job to report on all that occurs in the entertainment industry, apart from the several beats that we cover as an organisation.

It all started with a post shared by you suggesting the communication gap within your family over the Mr India 2 film.

You said, “A lot of people have been me asking me about the "Mr India remake". Honestly, my father didn't even know that the film was being remade, we found about it through social media when Ali Abbas Zafar tweeted. It's quite disrespectful and underhanded, if it is true, since no one bothered to consult my father or Shekhar uncle - two people who played a major role in making the film what it was and is. It is sad because that was a film made with heart and hardwork and is very sentimental to my father, beyond commerce and announcements, it's a part of his legacy. I should hope that respect for someone's work and contribution is still as important to us as a big weekend at the box-office."

Here’s how we reported, “Talk to Uncle Boney: Should Sonam Kapoor hold intra-family talk before ranting about 'Mr India 2'?”

Here’s how you countered us:

“Dear free press journal, A woman giving a statement is not a “rant” the copy given to you by the pr team of the people tagged smells of sexism, poor taste and tacky greed.”

“It’s so sexist to call a woman’s well worded statement a rant. Get a new copy writer.”

What is a rant? To speak or shout at length in an angry, impassioned way.

What is being sexist? Characterized by or showing prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex.”

Clearly, we aren’t the first ones to school you on what a word means. We get that the term ‘rant’ has been associated with women for ages. But isn’t it time to break the nuance of this word dragged along by just one sex? Giving a superficial feminist angle might get you RTs but we are still hard-pressed to understand how our piece ‘smelled of sexism, poor taste and tacky greed".

Perhaps you should check before assuming that our piece was by a PR team.

While there’s no denying that it’s possible for a woman to be ‘sexist’, to brand someone as such without just cause is in bad form. More so when you use the clout of your Twitter following to unleash trolls on a hapless individual who might have no way to counter such doxing.

As working women, we face the burden of patriarchal oppression every single day of our lives and don’t really appreciate symbolic, superficial rants that promise to fight the patriarchy while happily being part of an industry that enforces it. Yeah, we haven’t forgotten your support for #MeToo accused Rajkumar Hirani.

You haven’t done anything different than the time you termed a Twitter user a ‘harasser’ for tutoring you on using public transport when you complained about the increase in pollution. We’re not amused by celebs who preach about the environment, because guess what, it’s much more than going vegan. It’s a lifestyle. But what did you do? You publicly said, “It’s because of men like you that women find it difficult to use public transport for fear of being harassed.”

There are bigger issues prevailing around sexism. For someone who came to the industry through nepotism and has the power to influence the society, you Sonam, have done next to nothing to address reality, not on ground and certainly not through films. Attending summits and tweaking your surname isn’t really feminism. While you added a ‘feminist angle’ – when non-existent in the first place – we saw no real counter to the claims made in the article. This only suggests your inability to handle constructive criticism.

Coming to the so-called confusion that seems to have been hatching in your family over Mr India 2, your statements are clearly more entertaining than your films.

After your specific ‘rant’ about your father Anil Kapoor not knowing if the film is being remade, and then the later clarification which stated that he did have a word – what we wrote seems to stand true. If you recall, our reported had wondered about an intra-family discussion before outraging in public and, making your father and the director Shekhar Kapur, victims of showbiz.

From what we see, you left out your uncle Boney Kapoor and his late wife and actress Sridevi even while crediting the original celluloid in your post, making it a part of your father’s legacy. A real feminist would never forget the impact Sridevi had, not just on the movie, but on feminists and LGBTQI individuals across the country.

To conclude our ‘rant’, by asking us to hire a new copy writer, you suggested we get rid of a working woman simply because her views didn’t agree with your own. You even RTed a user – without verifying – who claimed that the account was created to ‘demean you’. We assure you, the author of that piece is as real as the author of this ‘rant’.

Please get your facts right before hitting the buttons on your phone just to buttress your opinion.

For the record, we only fire our writers for incompetence (like the people who wrote The Zoya Factor perhaps) and not if they upset someone high and mighty. This isn’t Bollywood and that’s not how things are done.

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