Kangana Ranaut takes on streaming platforms
Kangana Ranaut takes on streaming platforms

Summons or not, Kangana Ranaut refuses to lie low. On Thursday, she emerged out of the closet to describe streaming platforms as porn hubs. Her assertion came as she took on the streaming platform Eros Now, for posting a few memes featuring Bollywood stars Ranveer Singh, Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif, which she felt were sexually explicit.

Although the streaming platform subsequently deleted the memes, Kangana has shared a few screenshots along with her post. One of the memes featuring Ranveer Singh reads, "Let's have some majama in my pajama." Another meme featuring Salman Khan, reads, "You need a dandi to play dandiya. I have one."

The lewd tone of the campaign seemed to offend many and soon ‘BoycottErosNow’ was trending on Twitter, playing catch up with the number one trending hashtag #HBDayAmitShah.

Twitter was also swamped with posts which were seen by detractors as ‘‘vulgar” and “obnoxious” which “mock Hinduism & its glorious festivals”. One such post featured Katrina Kaif alongside the text, “Do you want to put the ‘ratri’ in my Navratri?”

But Kangana was on a different track. Tagging the streaming platform, she tweeted from her verified account: "We must preserve cinema as a community viewing theatre experience, it is more difficult to enthral a large section of audience than sexualise content for personal viewing; digitisation of art faces this major crisis, all streaming platforms are nothing but a porn hub. SHAME."

In two separate tweets, the actress sermonised that watching films should be done together, with one’s family and friends. She wrote: "And it's not streaming platforms fault when you wear headphones and watch content in your personal space all you need is instant gratification, it's important to watch the movies with the entire family, with children, neighbours…basically it must be a community experience."

Netizens also called out the streaming platform alleging they have hurt Indian culture and sentiments. Producer Ashoke Pandit tweeted from his verified account: "@ErosNow should take strict legal action and punish those people in their company responsible for abusing #HinduReligion because they are #Enemieswithin who can destroy the company which has contributed a lot to the entertainment industry."

Eros Now issued an apology on their official Twitter account. The statement reads: "To all those concerned, we at Eros love and respect our cultures equally. It is not and it has never been our intention to hurt anyone's emotions. We have deleted the concerned posts and we apologise for having offended anybody's sentiments. Thanking you, Team Eros Now."

Hindu groups in the US recently sought an apology from the niece of Senator Kamala Harris for tweeting an "offensive" image, which depicted the Democratic vice-presidential nominee as goddess Durga. The tweet has since been deleted by Meena Harris, 35, who is a lawyer. This year, Navratri will not be graced by both Dandiya and Garba due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

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