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Raima Sen
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Raima Sen, who was last seen in the Zee5 show Black Widows, is back with a new series, The Last Hour. The Amazon Prime web show that premiered this Friday, sees the third-generation Bengali actor as Nyima. Helmed by Amit Kumar, The Last Hour also stars Sanjay Kapoor, Shahana Goswami, Karma Takapa, Robin Tamang and Shaylee Krishen along with Sen. We caught up with the Chokher Bali actor for a quick candid chat. Excerpts:

Tell us about The Last Hour...

The Last Hour is basically about a Shaman who has the gift of talking to a higher power. He knows things and before an hour of death of a person’s death, he knows what’s going to happen to him or her. Sanjay Kapoor is playing a cop who uses him to solve some murder mysteries. The show is about sermonic traditions. It has supernatural as well other elements in the story, making it intriguing. It has all the ingredients that makes it an interesting watch.

It has created quite a buzz even outside India….

I am happy that The Last Hour has released and about 250 countries will watch this show. I am sure everyone will watch this show as it is very interesting. Through these OTT platforms, we too go globe-trotting.

We are all under lockdown, are you missing the shoots?

We have been shooting a show – we wrapped up its shooting last month. Since it’s difficult to maintain the protocol, it is difficult to carry on with the shoots. Yes, work is less now but I hope things will improve soon. For now, I have a Bangla show. Another film is ready for release on Zee5. I have also been shooting some music videos and been doing commercials in Lucknow, so, I have not missed the shoots much!

Amid the lockdown, most of the activities are happening on social media, even film promotions. How much of a social media person are you?

I am not that social media savvy. I do re-tweet a lot. I usually put my pictures on Instagram and also promote shows, but I’m not as active as I should be. I think this much is enough. I believe that it’s important to keep our personal lives to ourselves... I don’t put up too much of my personal stuff on my social media.

In fact, earlier, actors and celebs had a certain enigma about them, which is today a thing of the past thanks to the social media. The new mantra is to be accessible. How do you see this change?

Yes, you are right. Earlier, actors would not be so open about their lives. But today, you have to be active on social media. Your fans and audiences are close to you because of the digital platforms... certain kind of visibility is necessary nowadays. So, in a way, it is necessary; but there are pros and cons. 

On a brighter side, there is also a change in the approach of the stars. It seems social media has humanised the stars. We don’t see that much of those starry attitudes and tantrums these days!

...because stars are moody. It’s okay, they are dealing with so many people. Stars don’t throw that much tantrums like the newcomers do nowadays. Besides, it’s just the notion that stars throw tantrums – stars actually don’t throw tantrums – It’s just thought to be so.

This is the trend/attitude or a changed notion that newcomers come into the industry, thinking that it has to be like this in the industry – like take your mother along and throw your weight around to be noticed. Once you start working, then you realise, most of it is just an outer nonsensical show-off. Since you realise that only your work will get noticed. We come with so many notions but learn along the journey. You learn the facades and learn not to take those seriously.

You are doing a Tamil movie...tell us about that

Agni Siragugal is an action thriller. This will be my Tamil debut. I have done Malayalam and Telugu films earlier. The director is Naveen and it stars Vijay Anthony, he is a big star down South. The cast also includes Akshara Haasan, Nassar and Prakash Raj. We shot last year and a year before too. We shot in Kolkata, my hometown, so it was very comfortable.

Why did you debut so late in Tamil films?

I never got any offers for Tamil movies – I got only Telugu and Malayalam films. My sister (Riya Sen) is very popular for her Tamil films – so all the films went to her!

How did you bag this one then?

The director called me to Chennai. He wanted me to do a screen test. I have a phobia of doing screen tests. So, I didn’t do it. But we discussed and he cast me. 

Is the film complete?

The post production is wrapped and the film is complete. The posters are out. The film should be released as soon the theatres open up.

What is your character like?

My character is someone, who is very sexy and hot and she knows how to wrap men around her little finger!

Did you learn Tamil for the film?

Tamil, yes, I had to know the language a little bit; your co-star needs to understand you. Tamil and Telugu are easy. But the most difficult language is Malayalam. I could learn Telugu/Tamil easily because it has rhythm but Malayalam does not have that rhythm. Hopefully, after the release of this Tamil movie, I’ll get more Tamil films. However, I don’t know where it would take me.

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