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'In every relationship there are misunderstandings': Sanjay Kapoor spills the beans on marriage with 'fabulous wife' Maheep

"You will have misunderstandings but the communication has to go on," says Sanjay.
'In every relationship there are misunderstandings': Sanjay Kapoor spills the beans on marriage with 'fabulous wife' Maheep  |

'In every relationship there are misunderstandings': Sanjay Kapoor spills the beans on marriage with 'fabulous wife' Maheep |


Bollywood actor Sanjay Kapoor, who recently impressed the audience with his performance in the series 'The Last Hour', is currently seen in short film 'Friction'. The intriguing movie stars popular TV actress Shweta Kawaarta as the female protagonist.

Helmed by a young director - Sumit Suresh Kumar, 'Friction' is about disagreements between middle-aged couple Rahul and Roskija.

In an exclusive interview with The Free Press Journal, Sanjay Kapoor speaks about his experience doing short films, his off-screen camaraderie with co-star Shweta Kawaarta, how he deals with 'Friction' in his marriage with Maheep Kapoor and more.

When asked about the challenges of doing a short film as an actor, Sanjay Kapoor, who's been a part of popular Netflix anthology 'Lust Stories', says, "I don't see any difference when I am in front of the camera, whether it's a short film, a television show, an OTT (series) or movies."

"I recently did a show called 'Gone Game' amid the lockdown and it was shot on an iPhone. We are actors. While giving a shot, you have to perform to the best of your ability, get in your character. Whether it's a short film, a film or an OTT, it doesn't matter. The format is not important to the actors. The film, the script and the content is more important," he reiterates.

So, does it leave actors wanting for more? Sanjay replies, "Yes, I absolutely agree that when you do a show or TV series you have so much time. But, what happens in a film or a short film is people don't have so much time.

"When you can deliver in a little while, I think that's more impactful than taking episodes after episodes and repeating yourself."

Talking about the importance of a great script, the actor says, "That is where the capability of an actor and the writer (shows). It all boils down to the writer. How he, in the time of 25-30 minutes, is saying the same thing which an OTT show would take eight episodes or a television (show) would take hundred episodes."

"And, then the actor has to be on top of the game to deliver that thought of the writer. So, yes that's challenge. But that's the fun part of doing short films," adds the 'Raja' star.


After doing short films, a lot has changed for Sanjay, he says.

The actor, who has starred in several short films including 'Sleeping Partner' in 'Zindagi inShort' anthology, opines that short films are here to stay.

"Since a year and half there's COVID-19, so people have a lot of time. Otherwise, life has become so fast for everyone that you don't have so much time. From Juhu to Bandra you reach and you can see 'Friction'. That's the fun part," Sanjay says.

The 'Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara' actor says that it was the content that made him say yes to the film as it is the most important thing for him.

Sharing how he came onboard, Sanjay Kapoor says, "Anupama and Aman, the producers, got in touch with me way back in October and I liked the script very much. And, when they said that Royal Stag Barrel Select is doing it, I knew that we would get the correct platform. I had never done anything for YouTube because they have it totally different. I got into it and then I got to know that Shweta is a part of it. So, it just added up. Sumit, the director, came in and everything just fell into place."

"Right now, when I see the product, I think I made the right choice by being a part of 'Friction'. I am very glad I did it," he says.


Sanjay, who shared the screen space with Shweta Kawaarta for the first time, says that he really enjoyed working with her in 'Friction'.

Speaking about their bond, Sanjay says, "On screen there was so much 'Friction' between us but off screen we got along and it was really a pleasure to work with Shweta. That's the fun part of doing movies, shows that you play a character in which you're arguing and there's always friction between us but once the camera is not rolling, things are really nice."

"I was once shooting in Khar and Shweta was not required. She stays very close by and I was doing my driving shots. She came to say hello to me and that's very sweet," he shares.

'Friction' went on floors in January and the team only took four days to complete the film. Sanjay enjoyed working in 'Friction' so much that he says not having enough time with the movie's cast and crew is the 'only negative part of doing a short film'.

Sanjay says: "That's the only negative part of doing a short film, you don't get too much time to spend on that show or film. By the time you get to know the person, the crew or know the director, it's all over."

Asked Sanjay if he was able to relate to his character Rahul, the actor says, "It's not that I am like the character, but yes. I am married and in every relationship there is a friction, there are misunderstandings which happen in everybody's life, so obviously you relate to that."


Weighing in on the OTT v/s big screen debate, 'Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives' star Sanjay Kapoor says that the platform doesn't matter to him. It's only the content that matters to the actor, he says.

"When I am in front of the camera, I really am not thinking whether it's a web show or a short film or I am doing a movie. For me, when I am in front of the camera, the actors are important, the person who is directing me is very important. I just go with the flow," the 'Gone Game' actor says.

"So many movies have been released in this COVID pandemic that were filmed for the screen but they have finally come out on OTT platforms. But, even if all the actors were told that it is for OTT, they would've performed the same. Everything would've been the same," says Sanjay Kapoor.

He adds, "I want to do good work. My aim in life is to entertain the people. I want people to appreciate my work. Today, people have certain level of expectations so I don't want to let them down. These are things I think before I sign on anything. Once I am on the project then it doesn't matter how it reaches the audiences."

'Friction' is about minor disagreements in relationships leading to a life-altering decision.

When asked how he deals with 'Friction' in his personal lives, Sanjay says, "In every relationship, there's going to be a misunderstanding and some friction when your marriage has gone on for 20-30 years. Unfortunately, people separate sometimes and it is because of lack of communication. You will have misunderstandings but the communication has to go on. And, the acceptance when you have done wrong...

"That's how a relationship goes on and on. This doesn't mean that there has been no friction. It is just that through communication you have dealt with that problem. Keeping in the heart, aadmi fir pakta jaata hai, andar hi andar badhta jata hai. So, if you speak about it, communicate and solve the problems, you move on. That's about Maheep and me and fortunately things are very excellent with us."

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