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‘Human’ Trailer Out: Watch Shefali Shah, Kirti Kulhari, and Vishal Jethwa in a compelling medical thriller

‘Human’ unravels unexpected secrets of the world of medicines and its effect on people with a gripping tale of murder, mystery, lust, and manipulation.

When dark secrets of the medical world are revealed, will the brave live to expose the truth or be consumed in a dangerous web of lies and deception? Disney+ Hotstar kickstarts the year 2022 with the launch of ‘Human’, a medical thriller based on Human drug trials in India.

The series boasts of an absolute stellar cast headlined by National award-winning actor Shefali Shah and along with Kirti Kulhari, Vishal Jethwa, Ram Kapoor, Seema Biswas, Aditya Srivastava and Mohan Agashe amongst others.

‘Human’ unravels unexpected secrets of the world of medicines and its effect on people with a gripping tale of murder, mystery, lust, and manipulation.

The series narrates the story of a pharma giant using India’s lax clinical trial rules to fast track the development of a new drug despite lethal side effects. Meanwhile, Dr. Saira Sabharwal (Kirti Kulhari) lands a dream job in Bhopal’s premier hospital under the mentorship of Dr. Gauri Nath (Shefali Shah). Saira grows under Gauri’s tutelage and as the two women start to form a deep bond over their commitment to the medical cause. However, a shocking discovery throws their life into chaos as their story becomes intertwined with that of a young migrant worker, Mangu, who is all set to wreak havoc on the medical system.

Watch the trailer below:

Talking about the series, producer and director Vipul Amrutlal Shah said, "Human delves into the complexities of human nature with a backdrop of the medical world. It explores the dark and twisted world of unethical human trials in a provocative yet real and gritty manner. It showcases aspects of the unknown medical world laden with suspense at every turn. Mozez Singh and Ishani Banerjee have done a wonderful job with the script and the incredibly talented ensemble starcast makes Human an exciting watch."

Sharing his experience of working on the script of Human, writer and director, Mozez Singh said, “Human is a series that deals with a very unique take on life and death. It questions the value of human life and the extent human beings will go to run away from their grief, guilt and shame. The repercussions of this can have extreme effects on the lives of the people involved, creating escalating drama and conflict between all of them and allowing the narrative to be truly explosive, especially when you throw in the barriers of class into the mix. Getting to explore all of the above with my co-writer Ishani Banerjee and the rest of the writers’ room was a true honour and I'm extremely grateful to Sunshine Pictures for giving me the opportunity. This was an intense project for me as it has several elements that resonated with me. On a personal level and therefore I was constantly inspired and determined to give my best. I’m proud of what we have delivered.”

Actor Shefali Shah, who is playing the lead character of Dr. Gauri Nath, in the series said, “Human as a series is extremely relevant and relatable in today’s time. When I read the script, I couldn’t help but imagine our current scenario, a world of hospitals and vaccine trials. It makes one question humanity and everything that transpires to keep it intact. Gauri Nath is someone you rarely come across. It’s one of the most complicated characters I’ve ever played, and completely out of my comfort zone. She is unpredictable and indecipherable. Human is a Pandora’s box of emotions, actions and consequences. And you’d never know what hit you from the dark depths of its complexities.”

Actor Kirti Kulhari, playing Dr. Saira Sabarwal in the series said,“It has been an absolute pleasure and thrill to play the role of Dr. Saira Sabharwal. It's the first time that I am playing a doctor on screen, a world that I am not completely unfamiliar with as my sister and brother-in-law are doctors. I did get a lot of insight by speaking to both of them and other doctors. During that phase, I would get into a conversation with whichever doctor I met which could help me with my character. Apart from that, Human is such a layered and complex story, it immediately pulled me towards it. Also, the fact that Shefali Shah would be a part of the same show with me, really excited me. She is someone I really look up to and I have truly enjoyed her work as an actor and I was thrilled to share screen space with her. The show also has other wonderful actors and I also met a psychologist to discuss some aspects of my character. I basically got into the mindsets and world of the doctors, speaking to various people and understanding various aspects of how they function in the workspace and outside of it. It's the first time I am playing a doctor and it's a thrilling experience, my fans too are going to really enjoy my role of Dr. Saira Sabharwal. Super excited for Human.”

The Disney+ Hotstar Specials is produced by Vipul Amrutlal Shah of Sunshine Pictures Pvt. Ltd, and releases on 14th January 2022. It will also be available on Hulu.


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Published on: Tuesday, December 28, 2021, 11:37 AM IST