'Didn't I ask you already if you speak in Tamil': AR Rahman trolls anchor for speaking to  '99 Songs' actor Ehan Bhat in Hindi
'Didn't I ask you already if you speak in Tamil': AR Rahman trolls anchor for speaking to '99 Songs' actor Ehan Bhat in Hindi

A video of Oscar-winning composer AR Rahman, trolling a news anchor for speaking in Hindi, is currently going viral on social media.

Rahman, who's currently promoting his film '99 Songs', was at an event when a reporter welcomed debutant Ehan Bhat in Hindi.

The viral video shows Rahman raising his eyebrows as he asks, "Hindi?"

"Didn't I ask you already if you speak in Tamil or not?" he asked after getting off the stage, reports India Today.

Moments later, Rahman laughed and clarified, "I was only joking."

While the reason behind AR Rahman's joke is unknown, many have called the prank Rahman's subtle way of opposing the alleged Hindi imposition, a debate which was reignited in 2019.

However, in an interview last year, Rahman had said that he is 'politically illiterate by choice' and chooses to channelise his energy in making music, stories and art.

"I am politically illiterate by choice, because I rather invest my energy to create what I am creating. One of the reasons why I am making films, music and training kids in music is to offer them a space that they can explore away from politics, violence and all things that are negative. I see how everyone is getting into some political opinion and it is a grey area. It is complicated and probably I won't be able to articulate my thoughts as correctly as I can do it through music. For me, serving humanity through art -- that heals people, that is spiritual -- is more important when there is too much aggression out there," Rahman had told IANS.

Speaking of the film '99 Songs', marks the musician's debut as a film producer. Ehan features alongside Edilsy Vargas in the musical film, slated to hit theatres on April 16.

The recently-released trailer offers a glimpse into the musical world of the film, co-written by Rahman.

Directed by Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy, the film has been presented by Jio Studios, produced by A.R. Rahman's YM Movies and co-produced by Ideal Entertainment.

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