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Celeb style: ‘I like mixing male and female perfumes’

Udita Goswami Suri lets SANDEEP HATTANGADI in on her style secrets

How would you define fashion? What does it mean to you?

- Fashion to me is something not forced upon you but something that should gel well with your personality. One should feel comfortable with what one is wearing and should dress right for the occasion and shouldn't stick out like a sore thumb. Nothing like airport dressing or paparazzi dressing which is really weird, according to me.

What is your personal style statement?

- I dress according to the need of the hour and I am not overdressed ever. I take care about that and the dresses I wear should attract attention but I shouldn't make a fool of myself. I should stand out in a crowd and look exclusive.


What are the five essential items in your wardrobe?

- The five things always to be found in my wardrobe are blue jeans, white shirt, sneakers, a good pair of shoes and a good bag.


What would you wear to a party?

- Depends on the theme of the party or else I would wear casually a tee and jeans to a party. And if it’s a beach party I would wear something right for the beach party like a bikini or a swim suit.

What would you wear for a wedding?

- If invited to a wedding I would dress traditionally or depending on the theme of the wedding. But I won't wear a sari surely. It would be a gown or something.

What is your favourite accessory?

- My favourite accessory is my branded watch along with a gold bracelet.

What is your favourite shopping destination?

- My favourite shopping destination would be Thailand because it’s so close by air that we can shop and come back in no time. The shopping is really extensive and it offers great bargains on every brand.


What is your favourite perfume brand?

- Nothing specific but I like to mix a male perfume with a ladies perfume and see its effects..

Your favourite designer wear?

- Nothing specific.

Your fave fashion icon?

- Kareena Kapoor, because she can carry off everything easily without looking laboured and even the most absurd dresses look good on her wonderful personality.

What advice would you give to a budding fashionista?

- My advice to a budding fashionista is to keep it casual and feel comfortable. These things can help you to achieve success within a short period in your fashion career. While walking the ramp one should be confident. You should be a help to the designer who works hard to design the clothes. Don't try too hard but be effective.

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