A.R Rehman opens up about having suicidal thoughts at a young age

Noted composer and singer A.R Rehman was present for the trailer launch of Vidhu Vinod Chopra's Shikara. The composer was asked about the current state of affairs in the country and he expressed his opinion in details.

Rehman says,"There are differences, colour and cultural. It is very important to make movies, do music where people led to it. Unforntunately what happens when we take colour, in North industry we don't see any dark person and I don't want to mention about females. Any dark person is a villain. There are differences and we allow, there is an old saying that with the whole world practices one religion then satan comes in between them. In a united family between mother and father or brother, so if allow that satan to come in anything can happen. If India becomes one religion, or anything. Separation is a devil's job. Lack of light is darkness that is what I feel not the darkness of colour, or spiritual darkness I can say.

He further says, "So, in my opinion, I was just telling him we have to speak and I was telling about this that if allow the devil to come within you, you will commit suicide because of lack of self-esteem, till they not been loved it. If that person is alive he can serve millions of people with his knowledge, experience. I was also a victim, I had suicidal thoughts when I was young and I thought if I die then there wouldn't have been Vande Mataram or Maa Tujhe Salaam. So it is very important not to allow that negativity to come within separate families, cities , villages, nations. This is a time to say that I don't want sound cheesy preachy but it is the truth. If follow something there will division there will be cast, colour, there will rich and poor. These are the differences you need to go beyond and see how we can pull off the plug. Because poor are not poor. Being a poor you can't survive , you get spiritual by end of it, their souls are from God. We have would of God don't know which God. We say maa, mother, amma,these are names but they are same."

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