Aparshakti's New Year resolution: I want to be happier than I was last year

2021 is here and it is time to wash away the lockdown blues. And what better than a beach holiday! Aparshakti Khurana is just back from his trip to Andaman and if his Instagram feed is anything to go by, the actor definitely had some fun times. Now, all rejuvenated, the actor is back in work mode. He recently took to the social media platform to announce his next untitled suspense thriller to be directed by Kookie Gulati, where he would be seen sharing screen space with R Madhavan. We decided to catch up with the actor before his beach tan fades and he gets swamped with work! Excerpts:

So, you recently came back from Andaman, how was your trip?

Oh! It was amazing. I must say it was one of the most underrated destinations...such an unexplored territory with very few people and a lot of relaxing spots. I mean it was such an apt place to be on New Year after such a long period of being stuck in the same city. It was genuinely quite peaceful over there.

What was the highlight of your trip? How was it to travel there in the middle of the pandemic?

I have never been a beach person, this is the first time that I loved being on a beach. During this pandemic the one thing that we have definitely missed was travelling. Having said that, it was not very difficult. All the hotels, flight services, airlines, everyone is taking a lot of precautions and making sure everything is hunky dory for us.

So, it was quite fine. I am back safe. I have got my Covid test also done and I am absolutely, touch wood, Covid negative and have already started shooting my next!

Oh! Great! So, what are your travel tips for Covid times?

Well, first thing first...you should definitely look for a destination which is not very populated/ crowded. Number two, the first option obviously must be going by the road. So, that you can get into the car and reach there.

If you are going to a destination, which is too far then, of course, go by flight. In that case, try for the off-hour and off-day flights, so that you don’t get too much crowd in there. And, of course, carrying a mask shield or sanitizer is a priority in these times.

Apart from getting the travel basics right, what was your biggest learning during the lockdown?

I was kind of half working even when films were not happening. My learning is that you need to find a platform, it will always be about survival of the fittest and I think you need to find your space and you need to keep working towards it. During the lockdown, Instagram was my space but now the show has started and I am back to films.

Apart from that, I have found a good cook in me, at least I like to believe that I have a good cook in me (laughs). And, of course, I invested a lot of time in my music during the lockdown.

And you were a lot on Instagram! You were going live on Insta almost every evening! Have you kept a count?

I think there would have been... If I am not wrong there are 200 to 250 live sessions that have happened for sure!

You are a total pro! Give us some quick hacks on how we can get our Instagram Live game on fleek…

Ok! Number one, communicate to your audience on the same day not a day before. Your Instagram live has to happen in the next five hours, it has to happen on the same day of you announcing it. That way, the information, the time, is just at the back of the mind. If it is the next day...log bhul jayenge. So, number one, it’s very important that you inform your audience four-five hours prior that you are going to come live.

Number two, you must have your pointers in place, you can’t just go live and talk about random stuff. You need to have your talking points jotted down, you need to have a conversation starter and a conversation ender… in fact, you need to have the entire show written out.

Number three, keep it topical. If Yashaj Mukhate has gone viral, talk about these kinds of songs, be it Tuada Kutta Tommy, be it Rasode mein kaun tha, I mean jo bhi chiz viral ho rahi hai, baate ban rahi hai...talk about those.

Lastly, I want to say that which is most important...Please! Please! Check your wi-fi connection because I have seen people come online and half of the time, they are not able to connect!

And how was it to spend so much time with your family during the lockdown?

My mom was really happy that everybody had come back home and were together. She kept saying ki humare liya toh covid achchaa ho gaya! You know, how moms are! (laughs)

So, yeah! It was a good time off with parents, it was great to be back in our home town, connecting with school friends, college friends, and meeting members of the extended family. Also, I did quite a bit of work while in Chandigarh. I started with a film called Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui, I have also signed Maddock film, which is yet to be titled, and I have finished that film with Raj (Rajkummar Rao) and Kriti (Sanon).

So, yeah, work also happened, family time also happened, chilling with friends also happened, and Chandigarh as compared to Mumbai is safer like the number of cases were less. So, you could be around freely.

And anything new that learned about your wife, Akriti, during this period?

Umm...About my wife! One new thing I discovered about her is that she is really good with making content. We collaborated and churned out some content as a couple during the lockdown. Even she didn’t think she would be this good in front of the camera. I mean she is natural there as well!

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