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Gul Panag
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Bollywood actress-turned-politician and former beauty queen Gul Panag recently contributed to a discussion on farmers' protests after a tractor march, meant to highlight farmers' demands, dissolved into anarchy on the streets of Delhi today.

Gul Panag told all of her followers on Twitter that the violent acts witnessed today had actually opened up an opportunity for the government to portray the ongoing farmers' protests in a poor light.

"It appears that the government has got what it wanted, from day one!" Gul opined, "It was waiting for an opportunity to show the entire protest in poor light, by design or default. Constant attempts at needling/provoking the protestors; undermining, subverting, debasing the protests. Sad."

Gul, who was the Aam Aadmi Party's candidate from Chandigarh for the 2014 Lok Sabha elections but had ended up in the third position, also made sure that her theories on the "Khalistani" rhetoric were on point with a tongue-in-cheek reply to her "absurd" logic.

"The government and those who speak for it have constantly used the false Khalistani narrative ( an affront to Sikhs) to delegitimize the protest. They insult Sikhs, question their patriotism -with total disregard to the turbulent past - for petty short term political gain!!" she said.

She, however, did not reply to an anonymous tweet asking her if the proposed government conspiracy to paint the farmers in poor light also involved them climbing up a pole at the Red Fort.

Notably, a large group of farmers thronged the Red Fort carrying the tricolours and farmer union flags in their hands. A few youths even climbed up the flagpole on the 17th century landmark and put up a saffron-coloured "nishaan sahib".

When asked if she was seriously considering putting the blame for the situation on the government, the actress simply said, "Terrible handled from Day 1".

Considering Gul Panag means the central government "terribly" handling the issue of the farmers' protests, there are a few cracks in the argument, however.

It is pertinent to mention that there have been 12 rounds of Centre-farmers' talks, during the course of which the government has proposed suspending the farm laws for more than a year and forming a seperate Supreme Court-appointed committee to investigate the laws. There have also been appeals from the Prime Minister, urging farmers towards the benefit of the proposed laws.

Earlier in the day, actress Kangana Ranaut had said that all Indians who were supporting the ongoing farmers protest are terrorists.

"Six brands cancelled contracts with me some were already signed some were closing n said I called Farmer terrorists so they can't have me as an ambassador. Today I want to say each and every Indian who is supporting these riots is also a terrorist including anti national brands," Kangana Ranaut tweeted on Republic Day.

The comments come after photographs of protesting farmers hoisting their flags at Red Fort on Republic Day went viral on social media.

Hordes of rampaging protesters were seen breaking through barriers, fighting with the police, overturning vehicles and hoisting a religious flag from the rampart of Red Fort, a privilege reserved for India's tricolour.

Tens of thousands of protesters clashed with police in multiple places, leading to chaos in well known landmarks of Delhi and suburbs, amid waves of violence that ebbed and flowed through the day, leaving the farmers' two-month peaceful movement in tatters.

In a Republic Day like no other, farmers atop tractors, on motorcycles and some on horses, broke barricades to enter the city at least two hours before they were supposed to start the tractor march at noon sanctioned by authorities. Steel and concrete barriers were broken and trailer trucks overturned as pitched battles broke out in several parts of the city.

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