A Simple Murder: More slapstick than dark comedy


A father wants his daughter killed for falling in love with a Muslim guy. The father then asks his friend to execute his daughter. And the confusion begins when a wrong person gets murdered.


The series has been categorised as a ‘Dark Comedy’, but is more like slapstick comedy. The only dark aspect about the series is how a father tries to get his own daughter murdered under the pretext of her falling in love with someone that is not from their faith. The affair that Richa (Priya Anand) has with Rahul (Ayaz Khan), and Rahul’s wife has with Santosh (Amit Sial), could pass off as dark, but somehow becomes comical, every time a bag of cash goes missing. The background score isn’t exactly helping at uplifting the stance of the genre.

Everyone seems to be running in circles, wastefully whiplashing their talent. We have the likes of Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub, Sushant Singh, Yashpal Sharma, Amit Siyal, Gopal Datt, and Priya Anand who are very much in character while playing their parts, but the plot causes them to derail in a manner that robs the its (plot’s) basic essence.

Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub plays the role of a doting husband who is so blinded by love that he conveniently overlooks the fact that his wife has actually been having an affair with someone else. This is something that goes well against Indian patriarchy for certain.

Comedy really doesn’t suit Sushant Singh. He is a lot better at playing more serious and steadfast cop-like roles. In a way it is good that he is trying to break out of that mould, but Sushant needs to try harder than that!

Yashpal Sharma has always assumed very changeable parts, and the role of a pandit and a goon goes pretty much hand in glove. What is strikingly hilarious (and not even remotely dark) is that the Pandit is very well connected, but isn’t able to track the lovers down. Pandit’s oblivion extends to Manish’s whereabouts just as well, where he is trying hard to ambush both, the money that has taken from Pandit, and himself too.

Amit Sial’s demeanour as he plays the role of Santosh, a contract killer, lends to the dark aspect of the series. He typically casts that wry smile when he is about to do something wicked. He establishes himself perfectly when he disguises as a person from pest control, and plots the murder of a social worker.

The series lacks the requisite amount of meat and the pandemonium and chaos robs the series of the satirical aspect. Though there are a number of underlying flaws in the plot, what is interesting is how each episode ends with a bang! It makes viewers want just a little more from the upcoming episode.

Overall, the series can be watched on an occasion when you have absolutely binged watched everything that’s already there. Honestly, the very essence of a ‘dark comedy’ needs to be reworked.

Name of the series: A Simple Murder

Platform: Sony Liv

Number of Episodes: 7 (Approximately 35 mins each)

Cast: Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub, Priya Anand, Amit Sial, Sushant Singh, Yashpal Sharma, Gopal Datt, Ayaz Khan, Ankur Pandey and Tejasvi Singh Ahlawat

Director: Sachin Pathak

Rating: 2.5/5

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