Three of Bollywood finest fitness trainers talk candid about the hottest stars of today. Prashant Sawant, Deanne Pandey and Mickey Mehta tell you who’s at the top of the fitness game and who’s getting there.  

Priyanka Chopra

Prashant: She showed what she was capable of after doing MARY KOM. You can imagine what it took from having a normal woman’s body to developing a boxer’s bod and she achieved that. Today, she has great shoulders, great legs and she carries herself extremely well. Besides having a good body one needs to know how to carry it well.

Deanne: She doesn’t look like the kind who uses the gym religiously. She appears to be naturally gifted. Probably leading such a hectic life, of endless shooting schedules, and all her other commitments, she’s furiously burning calories all the time. With time, I would advise her to start weight training and building up on her bone strength but I don’t know if she has the time to train!

Mickey: I have trained her during her Miss India days; she was just 15 then. She was most controversial in her earlier days, most written off. But look at the way she slowly and steadily grew! The self-development process was quietly accomplished without it being tom-tommed. And today, look at the heights she has achieved globally! Her levels of discipline, commitment and responsibility are exemplary.

Shah Rukh Khan

Bollywood fitness trainer’s talks about Bollywood best body

Prashant: What Shah Rukh is doing with his body at his age, is awesome. He is inspiring those in their forties and fifties to be fit and stay healthy. Increasingly, age is no longer seen as a barrier to being fit and looking good. Age is being arrested, in that way. SRK never has an even slightly bulging stomach – his tummy is always flat. He abhors a paunch that juts out. He generally always has six-pack abs; it doesn’t take time for him to acquire them.

Deanne: Shah Rukh and I got to know each other back during ‘Fauji’; even during those days there was something different about him. He didn’t have looks – he was skinny, with a big head and lots of hair, dark… But he was always very intelligent. He was never one to talk about gym and diets; he eats normal chicken-chawal. The only time he started working out was when he acquired the six-pack for OM SHANTI OM. SRK has an advantage because he was an athlete in college. For him to get fit it didn’t take time.

Mickey: Shah Rukh is a classic example of mind over matter. The mind is like a rubberband. It can be very tenacious like in Shah Rukh’s case but whether the rubberband gives way before the body or the other way around, ought to be seen. His level of commitment in terms of hard work is commendable but his hectic schedules, late hours and the like, will tell on him one day.

Deepika Padukone

Bollywood fitness trainer’s talks about Bollywood best body

Prashant: She is so fit and it is clear that she has been training seriously. Her training for xXx: THE RETURN OF XANDER CAGE has brought her in great shape and she is an inspiration to many. She smashes the myth that Indian women have heavy hips. We cannot blame genetics anymore as actresses like Deepika show that you can do it; it’s time to change. Her strongest point would be her torso, good legs and, most importantly, she is a nice person!

Deanne: She has a beautiful slender body – long neck, long limbs. It’s a body that would be very easy to train and develop. She already has it all. She’s perfect; whatever she has been doing, she can simply continue with it. Going muscular is not an option in Bollywood, where they like the curves and the softness.

Mickey: Her perseverance is commendable. Going through relationship hiccups, holding on her dignity, staying on course… and she kept ascending the ladder and performing well, film after film. Having a sports background, it’s in her DNA to be resilient. A sportsperson will be resilient in every walk of life. When we speak of sportsman spirit, it truly means that a sportsman never says die, that he only knows how to bounce back. Defeat is never taken to heart – it is taken to the mind and the resolution is made to work on one’s weaknesses. Retrospection and acceptance are the biggest strengths of a true sportsman.

Salman Khan

Bollywood fitness trainer’s talks about Bollywood best body

Prasant: His chest, his back, his biceps… Salman is ideal. In fact, you look at him and then decide which body part you want to focus on! He pioneered the whole fitness craze here. Almost every guy wants to have a body like Salman’s, but personally speaking, I prefer his look during MAINE PYAAR KIYA. The Salman of the Nineties, I believe, was far superior to his current look.

Mickey: In a nutshell, golden heart – lost mind. I have never seen anybody so handsome, so charming, so naturally good-looking. And his smile could kill a man, forget a woman! That’s because his heart is as pure as a child’s. If only he were guided well, mentored well; the coterie is very important. That said, Salman, from the time of ‘Oh oh jaane jaana…’ till now, has evolved a lot. The rollercoaster that is life gives you experience and changes you. You can’t take away his nicety for his naivety.

John Abraham

Bollywood fitness trainer’s talks about Bollywood best body

Prashant: A complete package. Fantastic abs and shoulders! I admire how John has taken his body very seriously. He has studied his body and knows it inside out. Currently, he is the best body in the business.

Deanne: Aesthetically he’s very strong but how good he is with sports is something that remains to be seen. His chest is his biggest asset. His is more the typical body-builder physique which strives for size.

Mickey: His level of intensity and commitment to body building tells me that he wants to be the best in Bollywood. And I think, by far, he along with Hrithik, have the finest bods in the industry today.

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