Bigg Boss 12: Roshmi swimming for Anup, Sreesanth allegedly abusing Shivashish and more action from Day 4

As Bigg Boss season 12 continues to incapacitate its fans and followers, housemates seem to be turning up the heat with their constants debates and disagreements. After the weekly nominations on Day 3, it was time for captaincy elections. After much discussion, the contestants decided to vote and narrow it down to Dipika, Kriti and Roshmi.

This led to the task which involved a play of King and his queen wherein Anup Jalota will be named a prince of a fictional land while the captaincy representatives would be his queens who try to woe him for a rose. As per the task, whoever has the most amount of roses would win.

While the three queens tried their best to convince the bhajan maestro, Roshmi went a step ahead when asked to swim. Furthermore Kriti and Roshmi also danced for the King as he sang Sunny Leone’s famous track ‘Baby Doll’.

While Anup and his Prime Minister Jasleen decided to have Dipika win as the new captain, Deepak sworn in and stole Kakar’s roses which resulted in a brawl but eventually led to the jodi winning the task.

On the other hand, Shivashish and Sreesanth lock horns over Sree cussing the former. This results in a heated argument wherein Saurabh feels helpless that he can’t calm down Shivashish, he breaks down following which, Karanvir Bohra and Sreesanth try and console him. On the other side, Deepak Thakur unnecessarily gets dragged into a fight with Soma and Saba Khan.

In the promo for Day 5 we see some housemates going to jail whereas three more contestants are directly nominated by Bigg Boss.

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